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Dems Attack – Because They Can’t Defend

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From the Washington Times:

In the past month, Mitt Romney has delivered a widely panned defense of the health care legislation he signed as governor of Massachusetts and been the constant target of national Democratic attacks – and also has seen his poll numbers rise and his status solidified as the best-positioned candidate to win the GOP nomination and take on President Obama.

Makes sense.  They got to start attacking the GOP front-runner because their front-runner is about to have his butt handed to him in the 2012 election.  It’s always been conventional wisdom that if your candidate sucks and you know he/she sucks, rather than keeping him from sucking less, you make sure his/her opposition sucks more.

Sorry Lib-Crats, but nothing is going to cover up the broken promises, the lack of hope and change bill-of-goods that was sold to us during the 2008 race.  No amount of blaming-it-all-on-Bush will convince the American public that Barack is any different than any other stupid liberal politician with his Keynesian economics, socialism lets-all-work-together-ideals, and failure to deliver on all the promises given.

Can anyone defend Obama and the Democrat record on anything? 


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June 9, 2011 at 8:52 pm

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