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Confronting a Time-Honored Grad Tradition

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A Chicago school district is mulling a dress code for graduation.  I guess they aren’t too pleased with what students are deciding to wear under their robes these days.


Wooo!  I’m Going Commando!

It’s been a time-honored tradition for students who are basically outrageously minded to come to graduation wearing the stuff that they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing – or not wearing, to graduation.

Since the graduation robe covers everything from neck to mid-calf, it’s left to the imagination what the person is actually wearing under their robes.  It’s been a pretty much a forgone that students are supposed to dress conservatively, in business attire, for their graduation ceremonies, but there’s always the one who decides it would be better to wear Bermuda shorts and sandals, a Metallica t-shirt, or go wearing just the unmentionables.  Some, well, good thing the robe covers everything.

But this school district now is having a problem with a number of students who decide that wearing hot pants, 6-inch heels, or G-strings.  Yes, this article seems to be targeting female students, since I don’t know of too many guys who are going for 6-inch heels or a g-string, but we get the gist.

I thought this line was particularly funny:

"Morals do start at home, but in the event they’re not at home, the school district needs to uphold them."

Wow.  This is pretty bizarre coming from a school district.  I mean, if one would take a walk through a regular high school on a ‘normal’ day, it’s amazing how much skin is revealed.  But worse though is the use of the term ‘morals’.

Morals and morality are things that cannot be taught apart from religious principle, because all morality starts with religion.  Whether or not a person opts to accept the object and purveyor of that religion, namely God the point is that morality did not come from man – it came from God.  Because of this, it seems inappropriate now for a school district to call for ‘morals’ when they have no right to dictate morals because what is moral for one is not moral for another (since there is no God allowed to set the record straight).

Now I’m not advocating for loose morals and inappropriate dress at graduation exercises, but no school can create a code based on morality on one hand and dissing God on the other through so-called establishment clause mythology.

Now I know some of you liberals out there will tell me that I’m all wet with this notion of having morals without God, but I’ll say this.  Morals have to come from somewhere and that somewhere has to be infinitely more wise and powerful than we.  Either we acknowledge that they come from God, or we believe that we made them up, making us our own god. 

School administrations taking the role of God…seems to me that’s what schools want, right? 



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June 25, 2011 at 8:41 pm

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