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Girls Gone Psycho

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It’s always sad to read articles where some girl flips out and goes insane on her boyfriend.

Today we have two:

This is 24-year old Mary Batson of Florida who decided that it would be a really good idea to deck her live-in squeeze with a frying pan because he said no when she wanted to borrow his razor.

By the way, it’s my estimation that the reason why the French word for “frying pan” is “poile”, is that is the sound it makes when some sorry dude gets clocked with it. *POILE*

The second half of our psycho-chick-from-hell post takes the story further south, and I’m not talking geography.  No dude ever likes to hear a story like this, particularly when everyone cringes when the name Lorena Bobbitt comes up.  Well, meet Catherine Kleu Becker (no jokes please)

Ms. Becker thought it would be a good idea to poison her soon-to-be divorced husband’s dinner, tie him to a bed, sever his genitals and pitch them into the garbage disposal.  The poor guy darn near bled to death as he was rushed to UC Irvine for treatment.  It’s uncertain whether his penis is recoverable and what surgery will be needed to re-implant. 

If these two tarts ever meet and exchange notes, no man within 50 miles will be safe.  On the plus side, athletic cup sales will spike through the roof.

Magnus just ran inside his dog house.







ABC News and UPI


Written by The Rabid Conservative

July 12, 2011 at 6:51 pm

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