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Dems Play Race Card in Desperate Attempt to Win Debt Argument

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You know, I really get tired, I mean really fed up and sick of racists like Sheila Jackson Lee who start saying that the reason why Obama is getting static from Congress…

…is because he is black.

Holy crap, really??  REALLY??

I thought the fact that Obama was black was going to work to his advantage, that he was going to be able to get things done because America had evolved to a place where we could elect a president of African heritage.

Well, not QUITE African, but I digress.

So, on the house floor, she suggests that the reason why Obama gets criticized and has such a tough time, singled out as the only president who has ever had a difficult time getting anything done is because of the color of his skin.

Never mind that not once did the topic of race come up during this discussion about whether we should again defer our bills to the government credit card.  Never mind that we completely have a spending problem in the government.  Never mind the amount of waste and uselessness of the 2008 stimulus, or the pork projects, so-called “shovel-ready” jobs created, bailouts, defense spending overkill and mismanagement.  No, all of this argument is because President Obama is a man of color, so all the evil GOP’s are picking on him.

Sheila, you are a miserable ingrate.  You accuse everyone else of being a racist but it’s you who is doing the race-baiting and leveling the vitriol.  You are arrogant and corrupt.  You represent everything that Barack Obama was talking about overcoming with your racist nonsense. 

On the plus side, I guess it also proves a point that I’ve long held that, when Democrats have no other recourse in a situation, they resort to name calling and ad hominem attacks.

Source: The Hill


Written by The Rabid Conservative

July 16, 2011 at 12:14 pm

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