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Amy Winehouse had talent, but that talent could not save her from her biggest liability – herself.

I’ve never been big into jazz and the R&B circuit in terms of music.  I like some of it, but not a bunch.  And I admit, I had never listened to anything that Amy Winehouse wrote until today. 

The lady had talent and I think the songs she wrote were very telling of the sickness of society, on display for all to see. 

Sadly, she lived the same lifestyle in such a way that it killed her.  While we wait for the final results of the autopsy to come in, I just look over the news and all the pop culture and just see a tragedy all the way across.  Winehouse had potential, but the drugs and wild parties flushed all that.  Even in the songs that she sang, you could see a picture of a person who lived the world’s way and paid the ultimate cost.

At the end, all the drugs and partying can never satisfy a destroyed life.  Those things can never sooth the hearts of the people she leaves behind.  Her music even now brings the reminder of what the actions of her life has brought.  And unless she believed and had a relationship with Jesus, the only thing she’s earned for all that raucous living is her own place in hell.  It’s sad, because her death was needless and meaningless.

Her final performance teaches an important lesson that Jesus told Peter: he who lives by the sword dies by it.

How sad.

Our Condolences to the Winehouse family.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

July 23, 2011 at 1:53 pm

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