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It’s Stuff Like This That Helps Us Win Wars

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The number one adversary to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq is not an armed enemy that wants to fight honorably on a field of battle, but a cowardly, timid one, who works through placing tripwire explosives into the field of battle.  Some are nothing more than a paper bag with some explosives in it, but others are pretty elaborate and deadly.  One would think that the military would have a very good solution for this, but nothing as of yet.

So it turns out the Traxxas Stampede remote controlled truck, a toy for children, just saved six soldiers’ lives by detonating an IED that was packed up with about 500lbs of explosives.

The Traxxas Stampede is nothing more than a remote-control truck, outfitted with a wi-fi camera that can move at the same speed or ahead of a HMMWV convoy, running at posted speed limit.  It can see IED’s planted roadside and either detonate them or detect them so they can be handled properly. The monitor can be mounted to a rifle

Cost of using a Traxxas Stampede with wireless camera and monitor to find IED’s is about $500.

Cost of the lives of soldiers saved by a child’s toy is priceless.

The thing is, if such a device were developed by the federal defense contracting community, it would take years to develop with engineers and bureaucrats fighting over just about every aspect of the project.  Each one would have a unit cost of about $50,000 and would require the soldiers to get specialized training to use it.

(That is until some labor union found a way to force the industry to only allow union labor to make these things to help some Democrat to stay in office.  Otherwise, you’d have some ingrate like Senator Bernie Sanders seek to cut it from the defense budget before it got out in the field. But I digress.)

However, this hobby store, Everything Hobby in Rochester, Minnesota, has found its way to help soldiers in the field – by sending out these things as fast as they can get them out the door.  Not only are they a great morale boost for soldiers in the field, but they are a nifty and novel solution for a very real threat.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.  Here’s a LiveLeak video that shows one in use in Ramadi to check an IED.

It’s this kind of thing that will win wars and spur our economy along: down-home ingenious can-do thinking to overcome problems.  This is at the heart of the American spirit, because it shows how people, left to make their own destinies, can excel and succeed.

I bet, if this hobby store started taking donations and shipping these babies out the door, we would have something to be proud of.

And six mothers who get to see their children return is what makes it all worth while.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

August 4, 2011 at 10:31 am

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