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Lurch Missteps on Fairness Doctrine

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It seems certain Democrats don’t truly believe in the Fairness Doctrine

John Kerry made an awful gaffe today with respect to his views about equal time on the airwaves.  He made the statement that the media has the responsibility to not give equal time to the Tea Party, because he doesn’t believe it’s true.

Isn’t that what disagreement and discourse is all about?  I think the entire Democrat party, with our President, are a bunch of socialistic progressive statists who want to divide the classes to rich and poor, wipe out the middle class, destroy the concept of property rights, and basically move us to a ruling oligarchy. And they will be the first to say that’s untrue.  It’s called difference of opinion, Lurch. Not everyone thinks along the same lines you do. Get used to it.

If you remember, the so-called Fairness Doctrine attempts to force media outlets to give equal time to each side of divisive and controversial arguments.  For example, if a radio station does an hour of Christian programming, it has to offer an hour of airtime for Atheist programming. If a talk program goes into anti-gay topics, it has to offer the pro-gay movement an opportunity to speak.  In short, it’s the government regulating and mandating so-called "fairness".

I’ve linked up a very good write-up of the Fairness Doctrine here

Here’s an article from 2007 that talks about Lurch wanting to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine as an attack against conservative talk radio.  And yet today, here he is blathering about how the media should not give the Tea Party’s views equal time.

Hey John, be sure to ask your French cousin, Brice Lalonde, for the proper meaning for the term "faux pas".  Doofus.

And just to be mean, here’s a random photo op of John Kerry – perhaps one he probably would want censored. What a guy.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

August 5, 2011 at 8:54 am

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