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The Redhead Gets it Right (For Once)

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Hell may be freezing over; it’s pretty crazy when Obama gets a bad review from Maureen Dowd

I’ve never been a big fan of Maureen Dowd – most of her stuff is nothing more than liberal nonsense written as balanced reporting, at least as far as the New York Times is concerned.

But it seems that the cruiseliner called Hope and Change may be on its way to the bottom of the ocean and now we’re seeing liberals realizing what we conservatives have known since before Obama took office – that he’s all smoke and mirrors. 

I won’t read the article she wrote to you – I’ll just post it here: President Obama’s Downgrade Blues. But I will quote one blurb from it and let you make your own judgments.

Barack Obama blazed like Luke Skywalker in 2008, but he never learned to channel the Force. And now the Tea Party has run off with his light saber.

I guess That One is glad it was only a plastic toy…


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August 6, 2011 at 7:29 pm

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  1. “Facts are stubborn things.” And they trump emotional pandering for intelligent people. You said: Maureen Dowd’s stuff is “liberal nonsense written as balanced reporting, at least as far as the NYT is concerned”. Dowd is not a “reporter”, she writes an opinion column like Brooks or Douthat. Columns like these (and yours) are not supposed to be balanced, just fact-filled, well reasoned and intellectually challenging. Try harder.

    D Wilken

    August 22, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    • Now this is peculiar, commenting in on a over two-year old post. Dull. Only interesting thing is what corner of the internet were you groveling in order to find this particular post. Maybe something about toy light sabers? Oh well, who am I to judge?

      99.9% of what Dowd writes, as far as I’m concerned, is liberal rubbish – keynote articles about religion in the mainstream are examples of this. But then, I am unabashedly conservative so pretty much anything from the Lib-Crat progressononsense camp isn’t worth lining a hamster cage. She goes after big targets to bolster her own career – she got a Pulitzer for it. She regularly splays her feminist crap in attempts to emasculate men who have succeed. Kinda like watching a chihuahua nip at the ankles of someone for attention.

      I’ve read her work. It bores me.

      But I guess I must recant – because if the NYT did have a shred of self-respect and dedication to actual fair and balanced reporting of any kind, Dowd wouldn’t have a column from which to write her thoughtless ramblings. She’d be hustling chestnuts in Minneapolis.

      Oh, and thank you for writing in…on a pretty old post, but still.


      August 22, 2013 at 7:39 pm

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