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Marx-ine Waters Tells Tea Party to Go to Hell

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Another Democrat shows that when frustration sets in and things give tough, they get nasty and uncivil.

I am not a fan of Maxine Waters. 

  1. She’s been suspected of corruption by using her office to help companies and other organizations that directly benefitted in over a million dollars in profit for her family member, namely her son and daughter.
  2. She was cited by Citizens Against Public Waste in 2009 for trying to nail down an earmark for the “Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center”.  Left-leaning Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) called her out on three separate occasions as being one of the most corrupt in Congress.
  3. She currently is under House Ethics investigation for her role in racial-cronyism by trying to save the OneUnited Bank, which received $12M in TARP money, which donated over $12,000 to her campaign coffers, and which her husband is an investor.
  4. She threatened the CEO’s of America’s largest oil companies of nationalizing and taking them over.
  5. She had the audacity to cite Republicans and Tea Partiers for name-calling, overrunning the Capitol, inciting radical groups like Code Pink, and being out of control, yet she does precisely the same thing during a socialist rally.

The latest stroke, however, comes as she was ranting on in her usual form to a group of SEIU-backed constituents.  There’s nothing wrong with showing grit in the face of opposition.  However, when she tells the Tea Party to go straight to hell, regardless of how

But then, we should expect that kind of unprofessional, un-statesman-like conduct from Democrats, considering that a couple of weeks back, they were calling the Tea Party a group of “terrorists”.

No, Ms. Waters, we’re not going to hell.  We’re going to take your own advice, not be intimidated by the likes of socialists like you, and, instead of appealing to the forces of hell, we’re going to pray to the God in Heaven that He blesses you immeasurably. 

The thing is, many of the Tea Party members that I’ve met are God-fearing, Christian people who just want government to do only what it is supposed to do and stay out of people’s way.  Maxine Waters doesn’t believe this, perhaps because she’s, at best, a Christian ‘adherent”.  In other words, she calls herself Christian, but it’s highly unlikely she follows Christ in any way.

Anyone who does would not tell anyone to go to hell, since they would know full well the implications of what hellfire truly is.  But I guess if it’s good for votes among socialists and SEIU union drones.


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August 21, 2011 at 5:11 pm

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