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Obama’s Numbers Put Him on Worst President Track

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I have always maintained that polls are for Democrats and strippers.

Well, Gallup has released the latest numbers for President Obama’s job approval and it has fallen below that of President Carter’s during this point of his presidency. In fact, Obama’s numbers are the lowest of all presidents since WWII. That’s gotta hurt, but it feels like 1979 all over again.

Of course, the question on everyone’s minds there is who is going to be the next Ronald Reagan? But that’s another discussion for another day.

The thing is, all the hope and change that Obama promised Americans three years ago has all been a big pile of BS, kinda like the tattoo that got affixed to Rossie Brovent’s back. Obama’s presidency, the insane amount of regulation without Congressional approval, as well as the lack of action from the Do-Nothing Congress has led to an economy that is just as troubled if not more so than that of Carter’s day. Obama has not exhibited any serious leadership or been the example of American greatness that all the Obamadrones made him to be.

I suspect the falloff is that more and more people are seeing that Obama doesn’t see the same America is those of us who eschew things like socialism.  Obama and the democrat machine sold us a bill of goods that if we just entrust them with our blessings of liberty, we would be better off.  The country signed that bill in November 2006 and now are seeing some serious buyers remorse.

While we conservatives see an America where those who are willing to work and achive through their own blood, sweat and tears rise above the herd, Obama’s view is filled with the drones of the OWS crowd, as they sell drugs, defecate in the street after having sex in the bushes, congregate in places and refuse to leave when law enforcement tells them too (claiming police brutality), allowing the lawless, unaccomplished dependents of the government spigot to reign as they claim they are “the 99%”.

While we on the right believe in Martin Luther King Jr.’s idea of judging people by the content of character, rather than the color of their skin, Obama’s idea is to allow class warfare, racism, and moral lapse to be acceptable practice and status quo in the civil discourse. While we believe society’s winners should be honored, Obama’s ilk deride them because “they cheated”, making the corporations the enemy and the government as the almighty savior.

This is one set of polling numbers I’m glad to see. America as a nation can’t survive much more of the lib-crat socialistic agenda.  It’s worse than Carter’s day.


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November 29, 2011 at 1:48 pm

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Un-Doctored Photo: Not Hiring Until Obama Gone

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This has got to be the most awesome picture I’ve seen all week and company policy statement I have seen all year.

West Georgia business owner Bill Looman of US Crane, LLC  is one of many very frustrated business owners who simply cannot hire people because the government’s insane policies, inabilities to balance its books, and the looming threat of Obamacare are slamming the door on the ability for small biz owners to add new people to the payroll.

Watch out, Bill.  The Occupy rabble may end up in your parking lot complaining about how you’re part of the problem.  But if they put up a tent, you can always use a crane and lift it away.

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November 24, 2011 at 10:00 am

Tongue-in-Cheek My Eye

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This is another one of those shining examples of how there is a clear double-standard with respect to liberals.

I don’t typically watch late night television. In general, I don’t watch a lot of over-the-air TV because it’s really all just a bunch of over-sexualized unintelligent, adolescent crap anyway. So it’s no surprise that a stunt like what was pulled on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with respect to Michelle Bachmann’s appearance would be par for the course.

In case you missed it, the band for the show played a couple bars from Fishbone’s song, “Lying A** B*tch”, substituting “la-la” for the rather distasteful lyrics to what would actually be rather upbeat tune. Basically the song tells the story of a woman who laments the fact that another woman took her man, calling her the title of the song. The drummer, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson claims it was a last-minute, tongue-in-cheek thing.

But his comments on Twitter suggest that the whole thing was premeditated. Thompson wrote, “aight late night walkon song devotees: you love it when we snark: this next one takes the cake. ask around cause i aint tweeting title.”

There’s snarky and then there’s just plain offensive. If Thompson didn’t understand this with his pea-brain carpeted with an enormous unkempt afro, then perhaps the local elementary school down the street can give him a class on basic personal courtesy.

But the larger issue isn’t over some scumbag making snarky comments towards someone – we see that all the time, primarily from the left. What is sad about all of this is the gross double-standard presented by the left when it comes to strong conservative right-wing women. There is no way a talk show like this would ever dream of playing such a song for Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, or Michelle Obama but they will do that mess in a second against Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin and not even blink an eye.

So where is the National Organization for Women? Where is the outrage from the loony left? There isn’t any. Why? They heartily agree by their silence.

Democrats don’t represent strong people; they represent weak people who seek protection and comfort from the almighty state. When strong conservative women show how they can be both politically strong, morally upright, and down-to-earth human, they expose the weaknesses and frailties of their liberal counterparts.

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November 23, 2011 at 8:57 pm

Fishy Government Agency Confiscates Windfall Catch

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I really hate it when stupid government bureacracy steps in the way when a man hits pay dirt and deprives him of his windfall based on a technicality. It’s even worse when that windfall begins to fund a government-sponsored racket.  But with the way that the government is so hungry for money and wasteful with the resources that it “acquires” from people, this is a story that is more the rule than the exception.

This story begins with one of those catches by a fisherman that go into the newspapers and into fame.  Carlos Rafael, a notable fisherman in New Bedford, Massachusetts unwittingly caught a giant bluefin tuna, coming in at over 800 lbs. He was trolling the waters when the tuna got caught in his net.  It was one of those catches that happens once upon a time and can really propel the career of a commercial fisherman to legendary status.

Rafael filed the proper paperwork, had the tuna permits, and notified the fishery regulators immediately on the catch. However, when he rolled to the dock, the NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement immediately confiscated the mammoth tuna because it was caught in a net, rather than with a rod and reel. Rafael didn’t try to hide it or anything, nor did he know it couldn’t be caught in a net. But that didn’t dissuade the feds to helping themselves to it.

Thing is, bluefin tuna at that size can go for quite a pretty penny. Enormous catches like this can easily fetch a quarter million or more on the market. So, the NOAA has indicated that if a violation exists (which they surely will), the proceeds for the tuna, which will be sold in consignment overseas, will be put into the Asset Forfeiture Fund. In other words, Rafael’s catch will be a windfall boon for the NOAA’s AFF, which has a long history of misuse and abuse.

Essentially, the AFF is a $50M slush fund that pays the salaries of administrative law judges that decide cases to bring against fishermen. In other words, a good old fashioned conflict of interest where those deciding cases against fishermen are directly compensated from the fund that collects the fines assessed from said fishermen. Additionally, this fund has had very little, if any, oversight and accountability and is used to pay for fleets of boats and vehicles and finance wasteful travel to exotic destinations. And they stand to make another quarter million because Carlos Rafael did the right thing considering the circumstances.  It wasn’t like he tried to catch this tuna; it just happened.  And with the local notoriety of the NOAA OLE’s activities against the commercial fishing industry as of late, they’re not going to let this catch slide through their bureaucratic net, despite all the spin that the NOAA administrators attempt to produce.  In they end, NOAA OLE stole this catch and are using the proceeds to line their own pockets.

The way I see it, if Rafael actually did something wrong, the money should be put towards charities that work towards conservation of ocean life, or relief efforts for cleanup of pollution, or something.  The fact that it’s going to the Asset Forfeiture Fund says that this story’s fishiness isn’t because the fisherman is telling a yarn about catching a whopper, but rather, about collecting a whopper windfall from a citizen.

In the end, Carlos stands on the dock, no fish, no money, and a written warning in hand from the NOAA OLE as the only testament for his fish story. A sad story indeed, but typical of the federal government these days.


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November 22, 2011 at 11:00 am

More Stuff You Won’t See at a Tea Party Rally

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…but you see it at an Occupy protest…

  • Occupy Atlanta: Tuberculosis?? And you would think with all the “amateur pharmcologists” roaming about, they would be prepared…
  • Occupy Burlington: Shooting in Vermont.  And we were led to believe it was a “peaceful assembly”.
  • Occupy Wall Street: EMT gets a broken leg.  Medics have always been in harms way – why stop now, right?
  • Occupy Portland: Eviction notice.  Mayor Sam Adams has had enough of the crime and the homeless moving in.

Again, when have the Tea Party protests ever been kicked off premises for drugs, shootings, public sex, and become fetid cesspools of homeless and disease?

The Main Stream Media’s willful ignorance in this is astonishing, but not exactly unexpected.

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November 10, 2011 at 2:10 pm


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There is a disturbance in the Force somewhere…

So this is odd.  Turns out an interesting story broke about how the retail reps at the Apple store are now looking to unionize.  Steve Jobs is scarcely a month gone and retail employees of Apple, devoid of their charismatic leader, are now on the move to form the Apple Retailers Works Union, to stand up against unfair wages while they peddle the latest iPad and iPhone.

No thanks.  I have a fire-sold TouchPad and am going to migrate to an Asus slate for testing.  I don’t fruit the technology.


While technology isn’t especially a liberal or conservative thing, in my experience, Apple tends to project a more liberal slant.  I guess someone can look at the political contributions of Apple Corporation and see what the numbers are.  I suspect they’re pretty high.

Which makes me also wonder why the floor salespeople are now feeling the need to unionize against Apple Corporation for unfair wages, an act that is very much liberal, particularly in light of all the OWS stuff going on.

Maybe someone slipped something into my morning coffee, but it’s all very weird to me to see liberal entitlement drones going after what I’ve always seen as a liberal company.

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November 8, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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Occupy + Peaceably Assemble = Epic Fail

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The OWS drones are still at it, unfortunately.  They continue to carry on the belief that they represent the people, the 99%.  And the Main Stream Media continuously ignores the fact that they are doing what they blamed the Tea Party from doing.  The MSM (except for FoxNews) continuously painted the Tea Party as a bunch of racist hatemongers, rioting and protesting with hate rhetoric.  Yet, we continue to see over and over that the OWS crowd is doing the things that they attempt to apply to the Tea Party and guess what, the MSM glosses over it.

But out here on the very biased right-wing Rabid Conservative. we won’t let it pass.  Whether it be protesters selling crack cocaine, having sex in the bushes, pushing old ladies to the pavement and sending them to the hospital, or, as seen in the photos below, defacing public and private property, whatever OWS is preaching gets drowned out in the walk-the-walk rhetoric of how they are acting.   I still challenge anyone to provide any evidence that these kinds of things happened at any Tea Party rally.

The one good thing of all of this is that OWS, who probably worships Obama as the High Pontiff of Entitlement, will probably be one of the lib-crats greatest liabilities.  I can’t waif for November 2012.

Photos from Michelle Malkin and scoop by JJ’s “Nose”. 😉

Wells Fargo under Assault

Chase Bank sees the same damage

Bank of America too

Whole Foods tells patrons to leave their signs outside, so that’s exactly what OWS did.

More defacement

More Vandalism

Still believe OWS is like the Tea Party?

Police brutality?  Some would call that Code Enforcement.


Instead of Occupy Everything, their motto should be Deface Everything

And more

The Tea Party actually loves the police.  OWS, on the other hand, has a different view.  Love the Polaroid, by the way.


Oakland Blockade – I guess these chaps didn’t make the cut for the Oakland Raiders front line, so they’re doing this now.

Oakland Blockade

The opposite of Capitalism, folks, is socialism.  So, if these people hate capitalism, what does that make them?

And where there is socialism, communism is soon to follow.  Perhaps the lib-crats should be the “red” and the GOP goes “blue”, might be more fitting that way.

Wage slavery indeed – it’s called a paycheck you idiots, provided for hard work and contribution, something commies know very little about.

War, racism, and poverty – because Communism worked so very well in the USSR, right?

And let’s not leave out the union hacks putting in their 2¢…

Jimmy Hoffa would be so proud, right?

Teaching kids to be good little socialists – an atrocity in it’s own right; these kids have no clue what this is about – not much different than the mindless drones holding their hands.  But aren’t they so cute??

Cop-hating Rapper Boots Riley adding more “class” to this “act” with his hit, “5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO”.  Of course, it looks like to me Riley is taking a gander at the girl’s backside – another rapper favorite pastime. (Sir Mix-a-Lot would be proud),

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November 8, 2011 at 3:00 pm

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