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There is a disturbance in the Force somewhere…

So this is odd.  Turns out an interesting story broke about how the retail reps at the Apple store are now looking to unionize.  Steve Jobs is scarcely a month gone and retail employees of Apple, devoid of their charismatic leader, are now on the move to form the Apple Retailers Works Union, to stand up against unfair wages while they peddle the latest iPad and iPhone.

No thanks.  I have a fire-sold TouchPad and am going to migrate to an Asus slate for testing.  I don’t fruit the technology.


While technology isn’t especially a liberal or conservative thing, in my experience, Apple tends to project a more liberal slant.  I guess someone can look at the political contributions of Apple Corporation and see what the numbers are.  I suspect they’re pretty high.

Which makes me also wonder why the floor salespeople are now feeling the need to unionize against Apple Corporation for unfair wages, an act that is very much liberal, particularly in light of all the OWS stuff going on.

Maybe someone slipped something into my morning coffee, but it’s all very weird to me to see liberal entitlement drones going after what I’ve always seen as a liberal company.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 8, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Posted in Political

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