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Like many of the other pundits and common-taters on the right/correct side of the political aisle, I’ve basically stayed about 50′ feet back from the GOP scrum to find out who is going to challenge Obama.  And right now, I’m sad that we’re already feeling the pangs of loss here at The Rabid Conservative, mostly because those people getting all the attention can barely claim the mantle of conservatism.  Some of them are conservative leaning, but I’m thinking we won’t have a conservative to challenge Obama.

So what do we have now, after the New Hampshire let’s-all-make-a-decision-if-we-can primary?

Romney – The Massachusetts Moderate squeaked a win in the Hawkeye State and won handily where the people Live Free or Die.  I guess a Moderate throughout the rest of the country is a conservative in New Hampshire.

As much as I hate to say it, he’s probably going to be our nominee, given all the Establishment push behind him.  But then, the GOP Establishment would never let an outsider come in to the presidency.  They might lose some of their power over true conservativesm – which many of these idiots are not.

But then, Romney is still better than Obama.  So instead of a Marxist socialist, we get a wishy-washy RINO.  That would still be an improvement if he is able to actually win against Obama.  Thing is, McCain killed Romney in the primaries back in ’08, and then, we all watched the Straight Talk Express get derailed by That One’s Hopey-Changey-Thingy.

Paul – The acolytes of the Ronulan Empire at least show us that there are clueless morons in our own party too.  Of course, legalizing pot and isolationist strategies usually get the kibosh when it’s all said and done.  The scariest thing about Ron Paul is the possibility of him running third party.  Like we need a “Ralph Nader” or “Ross Perot” to screw up the works.

I agree with Rush – If Ron Paul runs, Obama wins.

Gingrich – Hands down, he’s the smartest man in the race.  He’s got more brains than all the rest of the candidates put together.  Thing is, he could probably beat Obama, so the MSM is going to blackball him and move the race to the Massachusetts Moderate.

I’m not a fan of how nasty Newt has gotten, but then, with Ron Paul and Mitt Romney blasting all the negative attack ads against him (in violation of Reagan’s 11th Commandment), I’d probably start name calling too.

Santorum – He’s a solid conservative, but with all the big money flying around, the Senator from Pennsylvania will probably be packing it in after South Carolina, that is, if he doesn’t bail in the next couple of days.

Perry – I guess that Texas charm gained him a consolation prize, $10,000 from Romney after that whole I’ll-bet-you debacle.  But despite the amount of money in the Perry war chest, the Establishment won’t let him in.

Huntsman – He’s wasting money if he thinks he’ll ever win.  A third-place win in New Hampshire isn’t really that impressive.  And the thing is, he’s too liberal to even consider beating Obama. He won’t even do well in Utah, since Romney will have Mormon country pretty much in his camp (not that the Utah primary means anything of any real relevance).

Bachmann – Sad to see her go.  She was a conservative who just got drowned out by all the money.  But then, the Tea Party favorite isn’t the sweetheart of the GOP Establishment.

Anyway, I’m pretty much rabidly ranting because, more than anything, I want to see Obama pink-slipped out of the White House in January.  But I don’t want to see someone without real conservative values in there.  Otherwise, the gains won’t do America a lot of good.

Argh…can’t we just resurrect Ronald Reagan?


Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 10, 2012 at 9:34 pm

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