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So after watching all the GOP primary tomfoolery, I decided to make a scan of some of the news headlines

1) Achmedinejad and Chavez can just go jump in a lake.  With all their anti-American rhetoric and saber-prattling, they show their general irrelevance in the world.  No one is impressed with your antics, boys.  By the way, the only atomic bomb we see is that chrome-dome on Hugo’s shoulders.

2) Rahm Emanuel took a little swipe at Bill Daley after his announcement to leave the White House Chief-of-Staff gig.  Fishman made a statement today about how he lasted 18 months, while Daley didn’t.  Thing is, both of you two suck, but it also reminds us about how the Chicago political machine works.

3) The American Athiests are all on the “we-hate-Tebow” bandwagon, calling all the public display of Christianity as “full of crap“.  The thing is, atheists can’t stand the notion of those with committment to God being anywhere in the public square.  But then, we’re all just waiting for the next athiest who can throw a football to come on the scene.  Tebow may not be that great a quarterback, but I’m glad for a change to see someone who’s outspoken about their faith throwing a football and praying and not a Molotov Cocktail and chanting how great Allah is.   Of course, we don’t hear the athiests going after the radical Islamo-fascists now do we?

Silverman gripes about the fact that Tebow should be praying in private not in public.  Why can’t he pray publically and privately?  Oh, because it makes the atheists uncomfortable.  Bah.  Keep on praying Tebow.

3) About 300 employees at Foxconn in China threatened to jump from the building if they didn’t get more wages.  This plant in Wuhan manufactures XBox 360 consoles and is being accused of not honoring work agreements.  The mayor talked them off the roof, but I guess a union boss here in America should tell them that mass suicide threats don’t solve labor disputes.  They either go back to work, quit, or jump.  The way I see it, the threat is pretty much empty and won’t change anything, even if Foxconn is screwing the Chinese (something that doesn’t bother me all that much, by the way).

So, here’s my dark heartless statement of the evening – I wonder if there’s an Achievement and how many gamer points are offered for that?

4) Oh how cute.  Next week on Modern Family we’re going to see a toddler drop the f-bomb on national TV.  Not that anyone will hear anything since it will just be mouthed, but it’s just adorable that we have to keep pushing the limits of what we put on television, notwithstanding a youngling doing it.  Can’t say that I’m overly surprised.

5) Does anyone really care about what Jimmy Carter says anymore?  I mean, really.  So Carter is telling us that he’s happy that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over power in Egypt.  So what if this thing is going to mean that Egypt is becoming more adverse towards Israel and America?  Oh well, luckily the Brotherhood is going to honor the Camp David accords…for now.

I gotta stop reading the news…it’s just irritating.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 10, 2012 at 10:20 pm

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