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Roe v. Wade – 39 Years of Anti-Life

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President Obama just showed us all, once again, how truly evil and immoral liberalism is. He spent yesterday celebrating how wonderful abortion is, how there is a ‘fundamental constitutional right’ and how it is precious to protect so-called ‘reproductive rights and the right to choose’.

First off, there is no fundamental constitutional right to abortion. Where the heck does the Constitution guarantee a woman to kill her baby? I’ve read the constitution lots of times and there is nothing in there about aborting a fetus, reproductive rights, or a right to choose what a woman does with her own body. The Constitution is a document that limits what the government can do, not permits the government to make allowances, just because the text doesn’t actually forbid it. Liberals love a “living Constitution”, but hate life, unless it’s “convenient”.

Second, the Declaration of Independence discusses the fundamental rights of man, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I maintain that this is an ordered list. This means life trumps all, before liberty, before the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness should never override someone else’s liberty and liberty should never override someone else’s life.

Now, if someone willingly gives their own life for the cause of liberty, that is definitely honorable. But abortion is about sacrificing the baby’s life for the mother’s liberty – and that is detestable.

So, with this milestone of nearly 55 million dead as the result of the holocaust of abortion, I’m going to throw out a series of points that focus on truth, not illusions.

  1. The left has made a massive effort to disguise the entire idea sing flowery language such as ‘reproductive rights’ and ‘a woman’s right to choose’ while completely ignoring the life of the baby. I agree that a woman has a right to choose, but maybe she should have chosen to keep her knees together in the first place. No, this isn’t about choice, it’s about having unrestricted sex and not having to face the consequences of that decision.
  2. The left calls the pro-life ‘anti-abortion’ as if that’s actually a bad thing. The thing is, if we are ‘anti-abortion’, then they are ‘anti-life’. There is nothing good about destroying life out of convenience – that’s among the highest orders of evil of which humanity is capable.
  3. And for all of you drones out there that start talking about the ‘big three’, rape, incest, maternal peril, let me remind you again of the statistics. Less than 5% of all the 1.2 million baby killings in this country are as a result of rape, incest, or maternal peril. But yet, the left keeps throwing this back up in our faces as if this is the majority. That’s a red herring folks. Blood red.
  4. Obama makes the point that the government should not interfere in private family matters, and for the most part, I agree. However, in a situation where a family member kills another family member, you can bet that the government, law enforcement, will definitely be involved. A person cannot choose to kill another member of their family and get away with it. So why do we allow it, just because a certain family member has not passed through the birth canal and been born?
  5. More of that flowery language stuff, it’s not ‘killing babies’, it’s ‘aborting the fetus’. Because it’s not a “baby”, it’s a “fetus”. (did anyone ever tell these morons that “fetus” is Latin for “baby”. Interestingly when a so-called pro-choicer is pregnant and wants to have the child, she calls it a baby, not a fetus or some other diminishing term.
  6. I wonder what would happen if the fetus had a chance to speak on his/her own behalf, what THEY would choose? When a person cannot voice their wishes, it’s generally within the context of the law that we err on the side of safety and caution. But abortion says that the baby’s life is forfeit unless someone else decides it has a right to live.

So there it is – the 39th anniversary of one of the most devastatingly evil pieces of legislation this country has ever known. 55 million dead. Isn’t that worth celebrating?


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January 23, 2012 at 1:00 pm

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