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Planned Parenthood – It’s All About the Abortions

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I’ve regularly have written on The Rabid Conservative critically about the abortion issue.  And I’ve had people regularly comment about how wrong I am, while continuing to justify the slaughter of innocent babies while using the terms “women’s health”, “right to choose” and the like.

But the argument breaks down because the pro-choice (anti-life) and pro-life (anti-abortion) groups have no fundamental agreement on the definitions of life and moralities tied to it.  As I have said before, the pro-choice crowd simply does not believe that the fetus (latin: baby) is alive until it passes through the birth canal or is extracted via c-section and is born.  Up to that time, the legal status in the pro-choice eyes is that the baby is a “thing”.

But it goes deeper than that.  For the liberals, abortion is more akin to a religious conviction than it is a social matter.  It’s almost like what happens when so-called “infidel” dares insult Islam.

When the Susan B. Komen Foundation announced that it was going to stop granting funds to Planned Parenthood, the outcry was so over the top.  What gets me is since Komen is all about curing breast cancer and not so-called “reproductive rights”, Planned Parenthood acted just like how the labor unions react when a company decides to try and cut ties. It’s sickening how much Planned Parenthood extorts – it’s just like taking hostages.

  1. Planned Parenthood’s primary purpose in life is to provide abortions, despite the amount of cover PR that they do.  90% of all the women that use PP’s services are coming for abortion-on-demand.
  2. Planned Parenthood continues to extort around $350 million every year from the tax payers to fund all the other stuff so they can continue to make money on abortions without having to worry about overhead costs.  Overall, PP’s extortion’s pull in a billion dollars per year.
  3. The abortion crowd will continue to attack anyone who attempts to even remotely get in the way of making sure that abortion can continue unabated and fully funded.

How long are we going to allow the atrocious extortion and murder continue?


Written by The Rabid Conservative

February 7, 2012 at 11:40 am

2 Responses

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  1. I used to partially disagree with you on this Rick, in part, because my first wife and I (we were really young) used PP for guidance through my wifes pregnancy, we had little to no money and they provided all the prenatal services and made sure we had the right doctors and care, they even set everything up with KU med center to deliver my daughter. Blinded by the liberal “free care”, I never saw beyond the walls, I never saw the ugly truth of what happens beyond the area I was in. Makes me sick to think how blind I was. Now with my son being two years old and being a part of his every day life, I couldn’t think of life with out him, regardless of the reason, once life is created it should not be vacuumed out of existence. Creating a human is a gift from god and should be handles with care and love. Life shouldn’t be punished and destroyed for any reason! I now fully agree with your stance!

    • The overall question of abortion is about the value of life and the impact of consequences. With all of this hullaballoo regarding requiring businesses to furnish birth control as a medical benefit, it’s amazing how many different shades of the same problem surface.

      Sex without consequences is what birth control is about. A child is a natural outcome of the copulative process and we all understand that liberals don’t truly believe in consequences. And abortion is nothing more than a further example of sex without the pregnancy consequence.

      Don’t be too upset with yourself because of where you were, but remember that we’re all pilgrims on this journey and sometimes, we have to learn the lessons as we go.

      Stay rabid, my friend.


      March 5, 2012 at 12:50 pm

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