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At Least Elle Admits It

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Howard Stern interviewed Elle MacPherson, recently on his show (if you call that mess a “show” and not an exhibit to debauchery, but once in a while (a great while), we see something interesting.

HOWARD STERN: Who should be the next President of the United States Elle MacPherson, go ahead.

ELLE MACPHERSON: I think Obama’s going to do it.

STERN: You like Obama?

MACPHERSON: Yeah, I’m living in London and I’m socialist. What do you expect?

STERN: And you’re living in London and you sense what other foreigners feel. Do they like him?

MACPHERSON: I think foreigners like him. He’s very popular.

STERN: Don’t we look good having a black president and everything? Makes us kind of cool.

MACPHERSON: I think it’s more about his policy. But you know there are I understand that there are a lot of people who don’t, you know, don’t want change. “We want change. We want change.” And he says, “I’ll implement change,” and you go, “Oh, actually, I don’t bleeping feel like I want change. It’s too difficult.”

Now, I’m not all that amazed that MacPherson calls herself a socialist; that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  All looks and no brain, well, that’s the standard fare for a supermodel, methinks.  But what’s funny is that she likes Obama because she’s a socialist, yet, Obama doesn’t believe himself to be a socialist.

Plenty of times throughout his early presidency, Obama has deflected claims that he is a socialist or that his policies are “socialistic”.  Yet, when we look at some of his policies, he continuously defers to increasing the size and scope of government because he doesn’t believe in the power of the individual.  His arrogance simply tells him that raising taxes on the rich, taking more and more from people (and particularly, the rich) to allow more and more to hook up to the government spigot.  Or do we need yet another review of ObamaCare, Cash for Clunkers, and his current tax plan?

So Obama is not a socialist; he just advocates for things that socialists, like Elle MacPherson, the Occupy crowd (which is raising it’s ugly head again, now that the weather is getting warm) and people like Hugo Chavez really like.  Never mind the comments about “spreading the wealth” around, or some of those lofty comments about how we all have to “work together for our collective salvation”.  Obama isn’t a socialist…

…but Elle likes him anyway.

Someone’s drinking something…with a little more kick than Kool-Aid.



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March 19, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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