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Gay “Anti-Bullying” Speaker Attacks Christians

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The homosexual crowd has been crying for years about how much Christians show hate for them, considering that Christianity looks very much down on homosexuality.  God, after all, destroyed a city so completely that nothing ever grows there again. 

But for people like Dan Savage who decided to use his opportunity to speak against anti-bullying as a bully pulpit, the level of hate and obscenity, in what is supposed to be a HIGH SCHOOL event, is really telling about what they gays are thinking these days.

Now every man (even gay men) in this country are entitled to their opinions and they don’t have to accept the tenets of Scripture, even if they misunderstand them and then use “pansy-assed” straw man attacks to justify their ignorance. 

First of, Mr. Savage, if you knew anything about Scripture, outside of your hate-filled rhetoric, you would know that:

  1. While the Bible has specific guidelines on the keeping and treatment of slaves, there is nothing in Scripture that says requires slavery.  Slavery was a custom that was part of human society since the earliest days of human history.  Now I’m no advocate for slavery, but the Bible’s position on the matter is not wrong.  In situations where slavery (or in these days, servitude) is still going on, Christians were commanded to treat their servants with respect and care – because they were just as much God’s people as those that kept slaves.
  2. Stoning of virgins – First off, you have no idea what you’re talking about with respect to this point.  Essentially, what you are doing is reading the law and only seeing the surface.  But to understand why, you need to understand the customs and the reasonings behind it.

    In Hebrew custom, the father was to present his daughter to the groom as a virgin as part of a betrothal.  The groom paid a price for his bride to the parents of the bride, in exchange for the bride, thus setting the ketubah.  Like any other legal contract, if the bride was found not to be a virgin, the contract was in default because the groom did not receive what he paid for – a chaste virgin to be his wife.  This is why the wife was stoned, because she became a disgrace and dishonor to the family and an abomination to the groom who paid for her.

    The ketubah is not a strange thing – in fact, we do the same thing in our society – it’s called a marriage license and it is signed by witnesses that the bride and groom entered into the marital contract of their own accord.  Or did you not know that?

    Unlike our country, where sexuality runs rampant, to the point where the obscene is the norm, Hebrew society practiced morality as a function of law.  This is not uncommon because there are morality laws on the books in the US, even, such as adultery.  In Israel, rampant sexuality was not permitted in society.  I guess you wouldn’t understand, since you enjoy waving your middle finger around at people who choose morality.

    Since marriages are not arranged in betrothal today, it’s up to the couple to accept and love one another and decide to live with one another.  But even in our culture, there are a great number of people who would be willing to throw rocks at a person who has been unfaithful or lied about his/her sexual history.  Or is the Bible wrong on that point, too?

    Just because you disagree with it, doesn’t make it wrong.

Mr. Savage, Christians are not “pansy-assed”.  In fact, if you ever want to go a round with me in the ring, bring it – I’ll revel in the opportunity.  But Christ also taught us that we as Christians are supposed to turn the other cheek when we’re struck.  So I applaud the young men and women who decided that Mr. Savage’s comments weren’t worth sitting in the room to hear – they had hit their level of tolerance.

So, I guess I won’t get that scrap with you.  But God says “vengeance is mine – I will repay”.  And we’ll see how long you maintain your arrogant, defiant attitude when you are forced to your knees before an Almighty God.

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April 28, 2012 at 2:40 pm

Obama Basketballs – I Want One

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Call me crazy, but I think one of these basketballs would be a really good thing:

Turns out, over the weekend during the Easter Egg Roll activities at the White House, there was a basketball clinic featuring pro b-ball players. And you know, it can only be an Obama event with something that draws attention to El Presidente’s “awesomeness”.


In any case, though, here’s how I think an Obama basketball might be actually a good thing to have:

5. That way, we all can pretend that it’s his head that’s being bounced around – a prospect that would be great stress relief, particularly over the high gas prices, exploding national debt to which Obama promised he wouldn’t add a single dime, and the insanity of bilking millionaires for 30% of their earnings, just because Warren Buffet says so.

4. It would look like just like Obama’s approval rating.

3. It would remind us of how Obama tries to govern, driving down the center, pissing everyone off.  (hat tip: Letterman)

2. It reminds us of the classic excuse for why the Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic, or the Phoenix Suns never won an NBA title, a team in “transition”.  I say transitioning from bad to worse.

1. It would make a video like this, which one would think couldn’t get any funnier, hysterical:

Stay rabid, my friends.

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April 10, 2012 at 8:43 am

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Eric Holder Gets Owned

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…but I seriously doubt that he will admit still that we need voter ID laws.

Sometimes, people just don’t get it.  Or maybe they do and they just don’t want to admit it because if they do, it shows that they are very wrong about things.

I personally believe we need voter ID laws.  Now before all you lib-crats out there begin having kittens about disenfranchisement and people being denied their vote, perhaps they should see this latest stunt by Project Veritas’ own James O’Keefe.

By the way, if you don’t remember, O’Keefe was the guy who embarrassed organizations like Planned Parenthood, ACORN, Medicaid, and NPR by showing different aspects of fraud and putting them out there on video.

So, O’Keefe rolls into Eric Holders voting district and asks for Mr. Holder’s ballot for the primary.  The election judge just gives it to him, even after he suggested that he be asked to show ID.

If O’Keefe can roll in and claim the ballot of the Attorney General (interesting how the election judge had no clue who Eric Holder was) without any suspicion, perhaps Holder might rethink this whole voter ID thing?

I doubt it.  Never let common sense and logic stand in the way of an agenda, right?

This little bit of ownage was even better than back in 2005 when a libertarian activist petitioned the board of the town of Weare, New Hampshire to declare eminent domain on the childhood home of Supreme Court Justice David Souter, because of how he ruled during the Kelo v. New London decision.  The petition was to take that location and develop it into a hotel and tourist attraction, which would provide higher taxes to the town of Weare.  While it didn’t happen, it very well could have, had the board voted for it.  Souter got away with his house, but the point was made.

Perhaps this is how we do activism now.  Either way, O’Keefe was pretty “fast” and I’m sure Holder was “furious”.

Okay, bad joke – it’s Monday.  I don’t care.

Stay Rabid, my friends.

Written by The Rabid Conservative

April 9, 2012 at 9:52 am

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