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Obama Basketballs – I Want One

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Call me crazy, but I think one of these basketballs would be a really good thing:

Turns out, over the weekend during the Easter Egg Roll activities at the White House, there was a basketball clinic featuring pro b-ball players. And you know, it can only be an Obama event with something that draws attention to El Presidente’s “awesomeness”.


In any case, though, here’s how I think an Obama basketball might be actually a good thing to have:

5. That way, we all can pretend that it’s his head that’s being bounced around – a prospect that would be great stress relief, particularly over the high gas prices, exploding national debt to which Obama promised he wouldn’t add a single dime, and the insanity of bilking millionaires for 30% of their earnings, just because Warren Buffet says so.

4. It would look like just like Obama’s approval rating.

3. It would remind us of how Obama tries to govern, driving down the center, pissing everyone off.  (hat tip: Letterman)

2. It reminds us of the classic excuse for why the Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic, or the Phoenix Suns never won an NBA title, a team in “transition”.  I say transitioning from bad to worse.

1. It would make a video like this, which one would think couldn’t get any funnier, hysterical:

Stay rabid, my friends.


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April 10, 2012 at 8:43 am

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