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ObamAd, Inc. – Getting Desperate, are we?

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I keep reading the news today and I just don’t see how the Democrats are going to win this, given what they are doing.  They seem like they are playing some serious defense at this point and I wonder if they really have anything they can sell the voters in November.  Sounds to me like they’re getting desperate.

1) The Democrats have been calling Romney a “one-trick pony” because he has been specifically talking about the economy. In other words, ObamAd, Inc. can’t compete on the economy, so instead, they are expressing their displeasure over the fact that Romney won’t spread himself out into other areas where they can reduce the economy rhetoric.

2) The Democrats are talking about canceling their kick-off festivities at the Charlotte Speedway, since they are only 30% of their goal. You would think that Obama and his campaign would learn that you can’t spend without money to back it up.

The government would just decide to raise the debt-ceiling and put the costs of whatever they wanted to spend on the ever-burgeoning credit card. But it doesn’t work that way in the real world. Real people, like the folks that run the Speedway, aren’t going to take a government IOU.

In case we need further explaination…

I guess the wedding/birthday/anniversary donations aren’t coming in droves are they? How about that “Dinner with Barack” nonsense, since Obama still won’t have that beer with Sean Hannity.

3) The Campaign, realizing that the faerie dust of 2008 is long since snorted in the proverbial nose of the liberal sheep, is now getting all lawyered-up to fight the ballot counts everywhere they can. In other words, “we didn’t lose, they cheated” will be the Obama campaign’s battlecry. They can’t “blame it on Bush” like what propelled them in 2008 and they have nothing to run on now, so rather than at the ballot box, Obama’s minions are looking to bring the challenges in the court.

I bet, though, they won’t investigate any inproprieties from left-wing sources, such as the unions. And if the Black Panthers show up to do more voter intimidation, ObamAd, Inc won’t seek anything done about that (kind of like their stance on the enforcement of the AZ immigration law).

Anyone remember 2000 Bush vs. Gore and Gore demanding recount after court-ordered recount until the results were more in his favor?

Folks, all we see from the Democrats is a lot of smoke and mirrors.  They don’t have anything.

Now, I heard something on the radio this morning, a nifty idea for an unofficial campaign slogan/motto, whatever you call it – and I kind of like it:  Yes We Do!

Here, you can try it for yourself:

  • Do you believe in America and the power of Americans to overcome any adversity?
  • Do you believe that our country is still the greatest country on earth and the envy of the entire world?
  • Do you believe that people, rather than their government, is better equipped to grow and strengthen the economy?
  • Do you think a strong national defense is a better way to secure our liberty?
  • Do you believe we should have a secured border, where people come to this country through legal means?

Did it work for you?

Stay rabid, my friends.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

June 26, 2012 at 1:00 pm

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  1. Rick,

    Good, entertaining post, thank you. I remember Team Obama talking about a $1B campaign war chest before December of 2011. Now, that amount seems too far and the desperation is showing. Hollywood is backing off, Wall Street is moving to Romney and brides are not giving up their wedding gifts to the campaign. It’s just a matter of time.


    G.C. Gagnon

    June 26, 2012 at 1:25 pm

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