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Government Red Tape Is Not an Effective Firefighting Tool

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So here’s another reason why the Federal Government should be reduced in size.

Turns out, there is a wildfire burning in Northwest Nevada.  And on station was a HH-1H Huey helicopter with 323 gallons of water in its tank, ready to drop to assist firefighters in curtailing the blaze.  However, because the pilot was unclear as to whether the fire was on property owned by the Bureau of Land Management, or the US Forest Service, the pilot didn’t do the drop, because it would have been legal for BLM, but not for the USFS.

As we go into the article, the writer goes into some of the technical issues that prevented the chopper from doing the drop.

Red tape BS in other words.

What surprises me is that whether its BLM or USFS, it’s federal land, so what does it matter?  But for these organizations, which have their own rules about how and when things can be done, it makes all the difference.

Wildfires don’t really care where and what they burn.  They will torch a grove of trees of an entire neighborhood -it makes no difference to a wildfire.  But it does matter to bureaucrats.

This is a reason why limited government is better.  More government means more bureaucrats, more ivory towers and more turf wars for supremacy.  Reducing government means taking agencies that do very similar things and condensing them into one organization, which could run leaner.

If we go back and look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we see, again, the government basically stumbling over itself in what was one of the worst natural disasters in the nation, coupled with one of the worst governmental debacles.

What we got to do is stop thinking like government can save us from ourselves and do these things at the community level.  The Colorado Springs fire in Waldo Canyon a few weeks ago showed that cooperative efforts at the local level are the best way to handle disasters.

And let the people in Washington do what they do best…which is basically nothing.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

July 16, 2012 at 8:37 am

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