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It’s Called Personal Faith, Dipstick!

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Today is one of those days for me where if I could, I’d throw a very large brick at the offender’s head:

So, the Council for Secular Humanism today decided to chide Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack because he made this statement with respect to this statement:

“I get on my knees every day, and I’m saying an extra prayer now. If I had a rain prayer or a rain dance I could do, I would do it.”

Atheist doofus Tom Flynn, the head (that I want to throw the brick at), showed just how much of a hater he is in that he called Vilsack’s comment “out-of-line”, citing mingling religion with politics, and saying that the statement sends the wrong message to the midwest’s farmers who have been dealing with drought.

Then they took the old Dr. Phil jab saying, “how’s that working out for you”.

The atheist haters out there are quick to attack anyone who decides to show a side of their personal selves through actually living their faith.  Vilsack made the statement because, somewhere in his heart, he knows that no matter what the government does,  it’s going to take something a little more powerful to bring the rain.

In my experience being raised in the midwest, I know that farmers would rather have rain than government subsidies. And since both are running low these days and God is in the weather-control business, it stands to reason that there’s no harm done to pray.  Many of these midwest farmers are also God-fearing, so when they see someone in Washington showing some humanity by praying out to God for rain, that’s not a bad message.

Unless you’re a godless atheist hater.

All throughout our history, we have examples where our country’s leaders have made public appeals to the people to pray.  When tragedy struck, such as during 9/11, or during Hurricane Katrina, or most recently, the wildfires in Colorado, what do people do?  They begin to seek for spiritual support, even hearing little glimmers in the news from the anchors saying things, “our thoughts and prayers are with…”.   It brings comfort and peace in tumultuous times.  Prayer softens hearts and allows our inner spirit to flow past all the stupid things that we fight about.  It brings a power that no atheist can truly explain, because their self-righteous, indignant, morally-superior attitude can’t see humanity for what it truly is.

Regardless of what system of faith a person leans on for support, it is a touching example of humanity when it shows for people to see, when, in that showing, we see love spring forth.

It’s that kind of support that brought Democrats and Republicans alike to the steps of the Capitol during 9/11.  It’s that kind of spirit where a conservative can hand a bottle of water and hygiene supplies to a liberal who just lost her house because of a fire.  It’s that kind of support that we need now.

So, Mr. Flynn, you’re the one who is out of line.  Dipstick.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

July 19, 2012 at 11:17 am

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