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Romney 1 – Obama – 0

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The most amusing part of tonight’s debate had little to do with the debate but with the fact that the left-wing pundits are all unhinged about Obama’s dismal debate performance.  Yes indeed, Obama certainly got the intellectual stuffings beat out of him.

1) There was no substance in his arguments.  Each time he threw out a point, it was really unsubstantiated by reference.  Romney is a skilled debater who understands one key point – cite your references in the debate to make your points stronger.  Romney did this over and over again.  Obama did, like, once, but Romney scalpeled it out within a minute, as soon as he could wrest control of the momentum from Lehrer, which wasn’t that hard at all.

And on that point, Romney scored by saying that he has his own jet, own house, but not his own facts.  Obama kept repeating the whole $5T number, even when Romney kept telling him over and over.  Can’t score momentum through repetition – unless you do music or something.

2) Romney was punching at Obama’s failures.  I have to say, the $90B spent on green initiatives that failed could have better served by hiring two million more teachers was a great way to show how Obama’s priorities are out of step with is own rhetoric.

3) Obama tried to play the same card that McCain tried four years ago  the “That One” card where he said, essentially, “if you like his ideas, vote for him”.  When McCain said that in 2008, I about spewed my drink.  The only way it recovered is by giving us a title (That One), that we could play with in the blogosphere for four years.  Thanks, John, for that, BTW.

4) Romney had energy – Obama showed fatigue; I almost felt sorry for him.  He really looks like he needs to go back to Chicago, bum a cigarette, and get howling drunk.  The gray hair, deflated look, eyes sunken – it reminded me of this 1988 Pizza Hut commercial  watch the poor guy wither away with each passing meal:

5) My daughter mentioned this – even Romney’s flag pin was twice as large as Obama’s.  If you look at their ties, the were even drifting to their right sides, toward Romney.  Yeah, okay, that had nothing to do with anything, unless you believe in omens.

Tonight’s winner was clearly Romney.

I can’t wait for the Veep to have a chat with Paul Ryan.  I think, in this case, youth and vigor will overcome age and treachery.  October 11, we find out if Biden can even dance and not remind us of that old weird uncle that wears shorts, black socks and wing-tip shoes at the family reunion with his array of gaffes.

Stay rabid, my friends.


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October 3, 2012 at 10:31 pm

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  1. What a spanking !!!!!!!
    Awesome !!!!!!


    October 3, 2012 at 11:12 pm

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