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On Celebrities – Why Do We Care So Much About What They Say About Politics?

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So Harry Belefonte was on PMSMBC 

  1. Just because 60 million people emphatically demonstrated that they don’t care about traditional American values by voting for more entitlements, bigger government, and the personification of socialism in America, Barack Obama, 
  2. Had the tables have been turned and BHO been oustered from the Presidency, Belefonte would not be saying the same things about how the opposition just needs to be quiet and and acquiesce to the will of the majority.  In other words, the man is a hypocrite.

But why do we even care about what this has-been says anyway?  I mean, really, just because he makes songs about his banana boat that he’s supposedly an expert on politics?  Even if he is an “activist”, all that means is that he has an opinion and is trying to push it in the face of anyone who will listen.

But there are scores of other talking heads out of Hollywood, celebrities that got famous for singing, dancing, telling jokes, or waving their private parts around on a movie screen and suddenly, we’re supposed to give a crap about what they think. 



Belafonte’s Advice to Obama: Imprison Opposition “Like a Third World Dictator” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit.


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December 13, 2012 at 4:17 pm

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