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The End of the World – Fail

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December 21, 2012 – the day that all things were supposed to end and the apocalypse was to begin.  In this cited article, detailing the events as they happen, we see the fringe lunatic kooks out there, hunkered down, waiting for the end of everything.  

Well, the sun rose this morning to a nice clear and briskly cold day to mark the first day of winter, for today is also the winter solstice – and with just three more shopping days before Christmas and the US economy barreling full long towards the so-called fiscal cliff, while the lib-crats in Washington trying to upend the Second Amendment while avoiding the hard questions about who really knew what about Benghazi, I sit in my office.  It’s quiet.  

Sometimes I wish the Mayans were right.  Perhaps I’ve truly had enough of all the crap in the world – how those in Washington really don’t care about us in America.  They say they do, but only to advance their own personal and political agendas.  I’ve definitely had enough with this notion that because of the size of an ammo magazine or how many rounds a gun can fire, that somehow, that’s the reason why 20 kids died in a school and 12 in a movie theater (as if the death of just one doesn’t already make the act horrific enough).  Instead of blaming the person behind the trigger, we blame the  weapon and forget that psychos don’t need guns to kill people (anyone ever hear of Jack the Ripper or Ted Bundy?) 

I guess I’m just tired today.  It’s really hard to get into the Christmas spirit with all of this junk around and the dipsticks that promulgate it.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

December 21, 2012 at 1:35 pm

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