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China Should Outlaw Cars and Knives

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This article almost escaped my notice, but luckily, I was able to catch it and get it posted. Turns out some Chinese dude in Beijing drove his car into some middle-school students, injuring 13.  He was upset over how a court ruled in the murder of his daughter that he felt it necessary to mow over some kids.Image

Now this is no laughing matter.  Whether it’s in the US or in China, when kids get torn up by some psycho, we all grieve – they are the innocent ones.  Luckily, there were no fatalities in this incident.  

But this article also demonstrates that it didn’t take a gun to bring danger to children.  The article also cites that because guns are not allowed by the Chi-Com government, knives are the weapon of choice.  On Dec 14, 23 elementary school kids were stabbed in another spree.  

So, because of this, the Chinese government should begin the process of outlawing cars and knives (as well as firecrackers, since those were used in this latest incident).  Since we’re all currently hell-bent on believing that outlawing things (such as guns) will reduce the amount of violence against the innocent, I am forced to now conclude that cars and knives are as dangerous as guns and therefore should also be outlawed.


Yeah, I can hear all you libs now, going off about my latest absurdity illustration, but if we’re going to be consistent, then let the outlawing begin. 


Written by The Rabid Conservative

December 25, 2012 at 9:09 pm

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  1. You’re an idiot.


    December 26, 2012 at 5:30 am

    • Well well, it’s Kevin the Connecticut lib again. It’s been a while since you’ve trolled TRC – a little more than a year since your liberal rantings “graced” us out here. Welcome back, even though your response was pretty much a sore disappointment; usually you’re much more verbose. C’mon, you can do better than the standard troll response.


      December 26, 2012 at 12:11 pm

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