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Schooldaze: Suspending Kids for Being Kids

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Every time I look at an article like this, all I can say is that I am so glad and blessed that our family home schools our kids.  With all the delirium going on after the whole Sandy Hook shooting, it seems that a new tragedy is forming – out-of-control paranoia and liberal over-sensitivity.

So, in another stellar example of how stupid people can be, a school in Hyannis, MA threatened to suspend a five-year old kid because he made a gun out of LEGO’s and started chasing his classmates with it. 


“We’re trying to create an atmosphere of respect,” says Barnstable School Superintendent Mary Czajkowski.  The principal noted, “it’s a threat to other children and other children could have been scared.’”

Respect is one thing, but this is so far over the top that it would be laughable if it wasn’t true.  Listen up, Mary, you’re not teaching respect, you’re teaching kids to be incapable of handling even the slightest problems.

ImageAnd then there are several schools in Maryland where students are being suspended for playing “war” and making finger guns.  

It’s funny; these kids could whip their teacher the middle finger and they get suspended or just a stern talking to by the principal, but if they make a finger-gun, “bang” they’re suspended from school.  Can these sissies get any more lame and stupid?  

The thing is, this wimpification of our society today driven by over-emotional liberalism, political correctness, and a severe inability to be tolerant is the real problem.  I’ve mentioned before that the shootings in schools are indeed tragic and I don’t mean to downplay them.  But now is not the time to throw our gumption and courage out of the window for fear of being offended.  

This is nothing new.  Liberals and socialists (sounds like redundancy to me), have, for years, reached into the schools to perform what Robert Small wrote in the Washington Times as “moral disarmament”.  Erode the principles of liberty and freedom and replace it with collectivism, socialism, social justice, and other wuss nonsense and the Democrats are filled with fresh drones to pull the lever for the next Barack Obama.

Now I am not an advocate for child abuse or anything, but today, our society seriously lacks coping skills.  We have reached a point where every little life problem is solved through medication.  We teach our kids to be unable to handle the harshness of life in a way that makes them as delicate as a Dresden doll.  Instead of teaching kids how to put on their “big boy/big girl pants”, we are doing diaper changes well past their toddler years.

So when these kids reach early adulthood, they don’t know how to handle life – except through violent media and gangsta rap, which teaches people that if they don’t like the police, they can shoot them.  And we call that crap art, er, First Amendment.

Even though these same idiots who believe in preserving the First Amendment are all about trashing the Second Amendment.

And these schools are the cesspools where liberalism festers and grows like a fungus on our children.  How sad.

Read it: Hyannis 5-Year-Old Threatened With Suspension For Making Gun Out Of Legos « CBS Boston.


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January 29, 2013 at 9:59 pm

Hacked Democracy? Algor is a Rich Idiot

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The Fat Green One continues to rattle his gums, talking about how our Democracy has been hacked, and because of big money corporations, etc etc.  This has been the lament of the socialist left for years now – annoying things like individual liberty coupled with responsibility, the Constitution, pure freedom – these are things that the left really abhors.  

Actually, their lament is, “America is screwed up because we can’t get our way – and it’s Wall Street’s fault”.

Algor seems to forget that the US is not a democracy, it’s a republic.  We as citizens seem to forget this – even when the name of our country is the United STATES.  We are a union, not of people, but of states.  Unfortunately, we have eroded the context of states so much that now, we have the people electing senators, rather than those senators being elected by their General Assemblies and statehouses. In short, we forget that point all too easily.

Since Algor wants to talk about how big money has hijacked our country, perhaps he would be so good as to talk about how the labor unions are just as much part of the blame.  But since the Teamsters, AFL-CIO, SEIU, UAW, etc etc use their clout to impose their will (anyone know how much control the unions have on states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, and the like?)  With the unions using nice terms like “collective bargaining rights” and “card check” to sequester dues from people in order to promote their liberal causes, it’s really amazing how the left ignores them.

Algor’s point here is to talk about how big money’s influence is wrong yet he’s damaged good now – given his recent sellout of Current TV to Al Jazeera.  That fat clod is laughing all the way to the bank – a bank pumped with oil money.  Why do we listen to this guy when he is very much, himself, a big fat green part of the problem.

For the left, if things don’t go the way they plan, they get gripey about how our democracy has been hacked, how we should just give up on the Constitution over issues, or how the right to bear arms is an outdated concept. In other words, rather than codify liberty in law, we elect mob rule. Good thinking there, pinheads. You people have no concept of the Founder’s intent.

I don’t even know why Algor continues to have a platform to speak – the man is a quack and a hack.  He’s totally disingenuous and generally useless, both to the greenie movements as well as…well…to anyone else that has to listen to his tripe.

Read It: Al Gore: ‘Our Democracy Has Been Hacked’ | The Weekly Standard.

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January 29, 2013 at 2:46 pm

If the Unions Are So Bloody Great, Then…

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…how about giving  people the choice whether they want to be a part of one or not?

So I read this article today regarding the drastic drop off of union membership, which is now down to a 70-year low, with 400,000 leaving the union rolls.  The union bosses can’t believe that membership is so low these days and blame the bad economy, weak laws, political and ideological assaults, while James Hoffa of the Teamsters is saying they’re on the uptick, even though membership is plummeting.

I am a big supporter of Right-to-Work laws because they make the unions “sing for their supper”.  In my mind, if someone wants to join a union, let them.  If they don’t, then they shouldn’t be coerced into union membership.

I suspect this drop-off is just the beginning.  With Michigan now a Right-to-Work state, I can only imagine how long it will stay in the top ten unionized states.  It doesn’t surprise me at all, because the unions are failing to make their case in the world of free-choice.

I guess, by weak laws, they mean “not compelling people to be in the union”.

It’s a good thing, in the midst of a lot of bad news.



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January 23, 2013 at 4:50 pm

Kids and Politics – Why Can’t We Just Leave Them Alone

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One thing about me – I love kids.  I always have.  They come at life with the wonder and without the bias that makes them so special.  Their minds are pure, free, and represent the things that we adults lose, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, in our society today.

Now my wife will tell y’all that I don’t do babies that well.  She’s right.  Babies and toddlers aren’t my thing, personally, but they are still very precious.  Even when they fill up a diaper.

For years and years now, political propagandists from all strains of the politic have depicted a certain kind of personality when being with kids.

I understand this first picture is just a painting.  But one would seriously wonder if the little girl being held truly knew the horrors that Joseph Stalin – the millions of people, including children, that died as the result of Stalin’s repression, famines, and corrupt collectivism.  But yet, how’s this for an enduring portrait of one of the pillars of the Soviet era.

The second photo is another one of history’s monsters – Adolf Hitler, who’s regime is responsible for the death of 50 million people, including the extermination of six million Jews.  And yet, this picture is supposed to tug at our heart-strings that the Fuhrer isn’t really that bad a guy, right?

Children really have no idea of the ramifications or the magnitude of the people that use them in these depictions.  So when I see this very recent photo of President Obama, surrounding himself with kids to talk up his wild-eyed liberal and socialist agenda, specifically with respect to his push for gun control, I find it manipulative and offensive.

By the way, when it came to gun control with kids. the people of the Founders day taught them along the same lines as what Clint Eastwood says:

I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.Clint Eastwood

Perhaps I’m being unfair to That One for comparing his use of kids in his propaganda shoots, but then, it’s supposed to tug at all of us at the right (i.e. do it for the kids!) who are uncompromising in the Second Amendment.

But in my book, as much as I love kids, this is a new low for the President and his socialism.

Mr. President, I don’t care how low you go, who you try to put in front of me to make your points, the Second Amendment is not up for negotiation, ever.  Not even a little bit.

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January 17, 2013 at 1:59 pm

Random Thoughts About the Gun Control Discussion Craze

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Over the course of this entire so-called gun control, outside of the ramblings of the dopes in Washington and all the talking heads trying to manipulate the situation for their own aims, these are things that have come to my mind over the last week – questions to answer.  Actually, I know the answer to them, but I think within these questions are the line that makes this national conversation go nowhere.

  1. Liberals are always up in arms about the so-called “Living Constitution”. They yammer on about how the Constitution’s interpretation has to adapt to the changing times. This is especially true with respect to the First Amendment. However, they go and say “the Second Amendment was written when they were using muskets. If they knew that we would have semi-autos today – they would have written differently”. So we’re supposed to consider Original Intent for the Second Amendment, but not for the First, right?
  2. On the musket subject, if we recall, the weapons kept by the people were, in fact, military-grade weapons of that day. If it wasn’t for the ownership of military-grade weapons, which is what King George wanted to confiscate, the revolutionary militias would have never had the firepower to repel the British Redcoats. If it wasn’t for the militias, the US would have never gained independence.
  3. When idiots like Piers Morgan ask the question about whether people have a need for semi-autos like the AR-15, he doesn’t understand, it’s not about needs – it’s about rights. The minute a particular type of weapon is banned, that is an erosion of a right that was not to be infringed. Who in the heck is Piers Morgan to say that I need or don’t need a particular firearm – it’s none of his business. I’m with Alex Jones on this one – throw this dissenting foreigner out on his ear.
  4. When 16th century pirates would board a ship, they would have several pistols fully loaded so they would not be hindered by reloading. Using the same principle, someone wanting to shoot up a school could use several pistols fully loaded and get around that entire 10-round thing. It’s completely plausible to enter a crowded place and kill 20+ people with four fully-loaded 9mm Berettas. They could all be holstered and switched out as one went empty. The high-capacity magazine argument is nothing more than strawman. By the way, the Berettas would be easier to hide.
  5. Rahm Emanuel’s “use a crisis” doctrine is the key reason why we are having this nationwide discussion today – because the “morally superior and enlightened” liberals know that the salt-of-the-earth Americans won’t stand for their weapons to be taken away. They can’t create that culture of government dependency and statist fear without eliminating the one way for citizens to…well…shoot back. Remember, John Jay once said that, at best, government is a necessary evil and, at worst, an intolerable one. Independence is always won with firearms. Dependence comes when those firearms are taken away.
  6. Why is it that liberals gush happily groups like the ACLU that maintain a wide interpretation of the First Amendment when conservative groups ask for restricting content in video games and pornography, but they fault groups like the NRA when they maintain a wide interpretation regarding owning guns?


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January 11, 2013 at 3:45 pm

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Cash for Clunkers Program Hurt the Environment

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I always thought that the CARS program back in 2009, also known as Cash for Clunkers was one of the dumbest things ever.  

Well, according to the Automotive Recyclers Association, because shredded cars were not properly recycled, all the seat foam, glass, plastics, and whatnot were interred to landfills, rather than recycled.  This means the CARS program’s efforts of taking those less fuel efficient cars off the road was more of an environmental bane than if there were no CARS program.

This is another shining example of what happens when the government gets involved in business.  Imposing arbitrary standards based on junk science only created a bigger problem – and another Obama failure.


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January 5, 2013 at 1:53 pm

535 Politicians Couldn’t Do It, But Five Could…

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While cruising through the news, this little video surfaced from ABC News. Shot in June 2011, it illustrates a very good point with respect to our government’s dysfunction.

Watch it Here: Hosted on ABC News so I can’t embed it directly 😦

Now, I did some additional scooping through the net about the five people that were paneled. This is what I learned about them – from left to right. I wanted to know if the people they implicitly pitch as a “random sampling” of people were actually balanced.  As far as I could tell, the panel was biased liberal.

  • Barbara Schauer is a member of the DC Tea Party and is noted as a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal.  As the linked article indicates, she is going to feel a little jilted, no matter the company she keeps (except her little puffy doggies, that is).
  • Drew Greenblatt is the president of Marlin Steel Wire Products, LLC, a Baltimore-based company that makes things out of wire, such as baskets and racks. He bought the business in 1998 and has grown it. Mr. Greenblatt has also testified on Capitol Hill regarding the concerns of small business with respect to bookkeeping regulations.
  • Megan Nabavian (in the clip, it’s spelled Nabaviania), is a 30-something recruiting director with NALCO Consulting. She also graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Leslie Echols is a Business Development director for BAE Systems in DC, supporting Homeland Security. She has a Masters in Public Relations from the University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Tim McBride was a major surprise. I started digging – a student of American University, Tim ran for student body president. In May 2012, McBride came out as a transgendered person – and now is known as Sarah McBride. The clip ran in June 2011, so it’s pretty old news, but for the rest of it – I’ll leave that to you.  All I know is, this person surely ain’t a chick, despite what he wants to dress like.

Well, at the end of the video, we see something that we don’t see in Congress – negotiation about the issues without politics.   Seriously,  it’s so bad that Congress and the government as a whole is basically useless.

This is why we don’t want tax increases – people lose money that gets thrown down a very large rat-hole or in the gullet of some special interest glutton.  The government needs to abide by sound financial principles such as ‘don’t spend more than you take in’.

And for the record, I think we COULD do without the nukes.

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January 4, 2013 at 8:31 pm

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