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535 Politicians Couldn’t Do It, But Five Could…

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While cruising through the news, this little video surfaced from ABC News. Shot in June 2011, it illustrates a very good point with respect to our government’s dysfunction.

Watch it Here: Hosted on ABC News so I can’t embed it directly ūüė¶

Now, I did some additional scooping through the net about the five people that were paneled. This is what I learned about them – from left to right. I wanted to know if the people they implicitly pitch as a “random sampling” of people were actually balanced. ¬†As far as I could tell, the panel was biased liberal.

  • Barbara Schauer¬†is a member of the DC Tea Party and is noted as a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal. ¬†As the linked article indicates, she is going to feel a little jilted, no matter the company she keeps (except her little puffy doggies, that is).
  • Drew Greenblatt is the president of Marlin Steel Wire Products, LLC, a Baltimore-based company that makes things out of wire, such as baskets and racks. He bought the business in 1998 and has grown it. Mr. Greenblatt has also testified on Capitol Hill regarding the concerns of small business with respect to bookkeeping regulations.
  • Megan Nabavian (in the clip, it’s spelled Nabaviania), is a 30-something recruiting director with NALCO Consulting. She also graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Leslie Echols is a Business Development director for BAE Systems in DC, supporting Homeland Security. She has a Masters in Public Relations from the University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Tim McBride was a major surprise. I started digging – a student of American University, Tim ran for student body president. In May 2012, McBride came out as a transgendered person – and now is known as Sarah McBride. The clip ran in June 2011, so it’s pretty old news, but for the rest of it – I’ll leave that to you. ¬†All I know is, this person surely ain’t a chick, despite what he wants to dress like.

Well, at the end of the video, we see something that we don’t see in Congress – negotiation about the issues without politics. ¬† Seriously, ¬†it’s so bad that Congress and the government as a whole is basically useless.

This is why we don’t want tax increases – people lose money that gets thrown down a very large rat-hole or in the gullet of some special interest glutton. ¬†The government needs to abide by sound financial principles such as ‘don’t spend more than you take in’.

And for the record, I think we COULD do without the nukes.


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January 4, 2013 at 8:31 pm

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