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Random Thoughts About the Gun Control Discussion Craze

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Over the course of this entire so-called gun control, outside of the ramblings of the dopes in Washington and all the talking heads trying to manipulate the situation for their own aims, these are things that have come to my mind over the last week – questions to answer.  Actually, I know the answer to them, but I think within these questions are the line that makes this national conversation go nowhere.

  1. Liberals are always up in arms about the so-called “Living Constitution”. They yammer on about how the Constitution’s interpretation has to adapt to the changing times. This is especially true with respect to the First Amendment. However, they go and say “the Second Amendment was written when they were using muskets. If they knew that we would have semi-autos today – they would have written differently”. So we’re supposed to consider Original Intent for the Second Amendment, but not for the First, right?
  2. On the musket subject, if we recall, the weapons kept by the people were, in fact, military-grade weapons of that day. If it wasn’t for the ownership of military-grade weapons, which is what King George wanted to confiscate, the revolutionary militias would have never had the firepower to repel the British Redcoats. If it wasn’t for the militias, the US would have never gained independence.
  3. When idiots like Piers Morgan ask the question about whether people have a need for semi-autos like the AR-15, he doesn’t understand, it’s not about needs – it’s about rights. The minute a particular type of weapon is banned, that is an erosion of a right that was not to be infringed. Who in the heck is Piers Morgan to say that I need or don’t need a particular firearm – it’s none of his business. I’m with Alex Jones on this one – throw this dissenting foreigner out on his ear.
  4. When 16th century pirates would board a ship, they would have several pistols fully loaded so they would not be hindered by reloading. Using the same principle, someone wanting to shoot up a school could use several pistols fully loaded and get around that entire 10-round thing. It’s completely plausible to enter a crowded place and kill 20+ people with four fully-loaded 9mm Berettas. They could all be holstered and switched out as one went empty. The high-capacity magazine argument is nothing more than strawman. By the way, the Berettas would be easier to hide.
  5. Rahm Emanuel’s “use a crisis” doctrine is the key reason why we are having this nationwide discussion today – because the “morally superior and enlightened” liberals know that the salt-of-the-earth Americans won’t stand for their weapons to be taken away. They can’t create that culture of government dependency and statist fear without eliminating the one way for citizens to…well…shoot back. Remember, John Jay once said that, at best, government is a necessary evil and, at worst, an intolerable one. Independence is always won with firearms. Dependence comes when those firearms are taken away.
  6. Why is it that liberals gush happily groups like the ACLU that maintain a wide interpretation of the First Amendment when conservative groups ask for restricting content in video games and pornography, but they fault groups like the NRA when they maintain a wide interpretation regarding owning guns?



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January 11, 2013 at 3:45 pm

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