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Kids and Politics – Why Can’t We Just Leave Them Alone

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One thing about me – I love kids.  I always have.  They come at life with the wonder and without the bias that makes them so special.  Their minds are pure, free, and represent the things that we adults lose, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, in our society today.

Now my wife will tell y’all that I don’t do babies that well.  She’s right.  Babies and toddlers aren’t my thing, personally, but they are still very precious.  Even when they fill up a diaper.

For years and years now, political propagandists from all strains of the politic have depicted a certain kind of personality when being with kids.

I understand this first picture is just a painting.  But one would seriously wonder if the little girl being held truly knew the horrors that Joseph Stalin – the millions of people, including children, that died as the result of Stalin’s repression, famines, and corrupt collectivism.  But yet, how’s this for an enduring portrait of one of the pillars of the Soviet era.

The second photo is another one of history’s monsters – Adolf Hitler, who’s regime is responsible for the death of 50 million people, including the extermination of six million Jews.  And yet, this picture is supposed to tug at our heart-strings that the Fuhrer isn’t really that bad a guy, right?

Children really have no idea of the ramifications or the magnitude of the people that use them in these depictions.  So when I see this very recent photo of President Obama, surrounding himself with kids to talk up his wild-eyed liberal and socialist agenda, specifically with respect to his push for gun control, I find it manipulative and offensive.

By the way, when it came to gun control with kids. the people of the Founders day taught them along the same lines as what Clint Eastwood says:

I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.Clint Eastwood

Perhaps I’m being unfair to That One for comparing his use of kids in his propaganda shoots, but then, it’s supposed to tug at all of us at the right (i.e. do it for the kids!) who are uncompromising in the Second Amendment.

But in my book, as much as I love kids, this is a new low for the President and his socialism.

Mr. President, I don’t care how low you go, who you try to put in front of me to make your points, the Second Amendment is not up for negotiation, ever.  Not even a little bit.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

January 17, 2013 at 1:59 pm

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