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So What’s Got Obama’s Goat?

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ImageThis is kind of strange to me.  What did Bob Woodward say that actually got him some hate mail from the White House?   

Mr. Woodward has been very critical of the White House lately, from his comments regarding Obama not dispatching the USS Harry Truman to the Persian Gulf out of budget concerns.  And then Mr. Woodward slammed ObamAd, Inc over the so-called sequester.  

But why is that different than all the other comments that ObamAd has received over the last four or so years.  With commentators on AM talk radio, pretty much the whole FoxNews network, and the thousands of blog and commentary sites like The Rabid Conservative, I wonder what all the stir is suddenly where Woodward gets the ire of the White House?

Perhaps it’s because it’s due to the comments being received on CNN and MSNBC, channels that are pretty much the soundboard of the left wing.  Perhaps it’s Woodward’s long history in journalism that made the Libcrats think they had him in their pocket.  I don’t really know for sure – just speculating.

All I do know is that someone in ObamAd, Inc. has their undies in a wad.

Read it: Bob Woodward: White House Threatened Me On Sequester Reporting – Business Insider.

BTW: I am thinking Woodward should expose the staffer who said the “regret” comment.  Probably never happen, but still, it would be funny!


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February 27, 2013 at 10:11 pm

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