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Bloomberg is Dumb

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One of the best things about technology is the ability to telecommute. Today, information workers have the ability to be at home or wherever, and do work. The latest IT systems are more telecommuter-ready through the use of IPv6 (when it actually gets implemented to the residential market, proper). But for some reason, the Mayor Nanny-berg remarks about how dumb telecommuting is.

Blooming Idiot believes we lose a lot by telecommuting, such as the “innovative ideas around the water-cooler”. Y’know, I’ve worked in a lot of different places and usually, the water-cooler talk has little to do with gaining ideas about how to do the job better. Usually, it has to do with gossiping about who is hooking up with who, the last episode of whatever reality show was on, the scores from the last football game, or just about any other subject that doesn’t involve work.

Maybe New Yorkers should stop telecommuting – that way, they can all stand around the water-cooler and talk about:

  • Blooming Idiot’s war on soda – how he has outlawed the sale of sodas greater than 16 oz in a restaurant, pitchers at places like Chuck E. Cheese, and that two-liter of Coke that goes great with the pizza and wings delivered right to the door.
  • How Blooming Idiot got bit by a groundhog. True story.
  • Blooming Idiot’s attack on the rights protected by the Second Amendment and suggesting that cops go on strike until the guns are taken away.
  • How Blooming Idiot is dead set against hospitals giving breastfeeding babies formula, in an effort to encourage more breastfeeding (leaving it up to the woman to make that choice would be more in line to liberal thinking…ahem…abortion.
  • Blooming Idiot converting all NYC taxi cabs to hybrids as a cost savings measure, which did nothing but increase costs by 20% (who actually puts something other than gas in a hybrid car, anyway?

There are more subjects, such as his attack on liquor, shelling out money to pay to retrain bankers, etc etc. The point is that most of these initiatives were set to save money, but in the end, worked in reverse.

Telecommuting is a clear cost-saving alternative, but Bloomberg seems to miss that one.  Probably because he doesn’t know anything about saving money. 

Read It: Mayor Bloomberg Agrees With Marissa Mayer, Says Telecommuting Is Dumb | NBC New York.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

March 2, 2013 at 7:45 pm

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