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Random Bricks – Gays, so-called Racism, and Over Sensitivity

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Today was a deluge of articles that just made me want to vomit.  Once again, people out there without a spine or backbone, obsolete causes, and irrelevance overrode the news, without a whisper about what that little burr-head in North Korea is doing, the Kermit Gosnell trial, or, heaven forbid we even talk about this, the economy.  So, out come the bricks.

  1. Michelle O gets an iTunes Fashion App – Who gives a crap? Seriously…what relevance does that have to the rest of the world?  Total waste of good programming capability, honestly.
  2. Gitmo Hunger Strike – The way I see it, if the prisoners don’t want to eat, well, put the food in front of them and then walk away.  It would certainly help the Big O cash in on his promise to close out Club Gitmo.
  3. Morehouse College un-invites a speaker for criticizing Big O on his cabinet choices and then denies it.  This coming from the self-purported “all-male, historically black” college.  Sheesh, why the heck do we keep on allowing the minorities a pass on this entire racism thing?  Why do we NEED an all-black college?  Or do we continue to give it a pass while the idea of an all-white college would be basically anathema.
  4. Gay Athlete’s Hall of Fame – Riiiight, because we really need one of those too.  The way I see it then, how about a heterosexual athlete hall of fame?
  5. Liberal Female Activist Student Fakes Hate to Implicate Conservatives – So this chick tried to create a stir by creating an anonymous poster who wanted to engage in hate sex with her.  Barely tolerable an article to read, but in looking at her photo, well, I just don’t see it.  But yet, she’ll get a pass on this.  If a conservative did this, well….yeah we all know.  It’s heavily one-sided.  Eww..
    Not even heavily drunk or stoned – not for hate or any other reason. 
  6. 15% Pay Hike for Company Loyalty = Get Inked – Really?  And 40 people have done it so far.  talk about professional gung-ho.  Idiots.

Finally, out of all the idiocy, Robert Griffin III, the Redskins QB better known as RGIII had this to say on his Twitter feed::

In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness – Robert Griffin III

Amen, brother.  Turns out, just today, a fella got mad at me when I passed by him and another and said, “G’day, boys.”   He said, “I just hate being called a boy”, as if I was implying the racial pejorative.  I replied then, “It’s not the worst thing to be called.”.  He got even more livid – as if I was about ready to drop the “N” bomb on him.  Yet, at no time was I

I apologized, told him I meant no offense and especially meant nothing racist by it – that was the LAST thing on my mind.  But his very brittle sensitivities showed that the issue with intolerance is more on the offended.  I get so tired of the stale and obsolete cries of racism – over sensitive, requiring everyone to basically roll over when someone gripes about “hurt feelings” or “:not paying attention to one’s sensitivities”.

Cry me a river, you weakling jack-wagons.

Stay Rabid, my friends.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

May 1, 2013 at 2:53 pm

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