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Bad Journalism: We Can See Why

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We’re getting the big story wrong, over and over again.” – Scott Pelley, CBS Anchor

No surprise in those statements, which were delivered to listeners at Quinnipiac University.  Sadly, we see Scott Pelley lamenting about how the media just keeps getting things wrong, and yet, if these people would just get back to the basics of journalism, reporting the news, all the news, wherever and however it is, no bias, no nonsense, we would actually have a decent media in this country.

There are the two big reasons in my mind:

1. The Main Stream Media is way too involved in the political machinery of the country.  Whether it be left or right wing (and it is really mostly left wing here), journalists aren’t reporting the news; they are working to further a political agenda.  This is why we’re not hearing stories about Kermit Gosnell and we’re not seeing huge amounts of motivation to investigate and report on the entire Benghazi thing.  But when Todd Akin makes his classic flub concerning “legitimate rape’, one that USA Today has since reported he would take back, the media rips into that like a pack of hungry wolves to a pile of meat.

2. Journalism today is not about reporting the news, it’s about making money through sensationalism and deep investigative analysis, which really just equates to some anchor droning for eight hours during a crisis that requires “continuing coverage”.  And yes, all the major news organizations do this, because it’s about viewership. But there are lots of stories to report – thing is, we don’t always see them, particularly the good news. What we see are stories that are meant to grip and hold us to the television for eight hours.

I’m sure there are other reasons, but these two are the biggest.  It’s a shame really, because people today are getting away from the major networks and going to the internet, because the journalism field just isn’t what it is.  Perhaps, Scott, if journalism was more about getting to the heart of the truth, without hiding anything from the public, without worrying about the ratings, we would see a rebirth in the Nightly News.

I’m not holding my breath.



Written by The Rabid Conservative

May 11, 2013 at 1:27 pm

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