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IRS: Was There Any Doubt?

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Today, I have to sit on the phone for a while with the IRS – had a boo boo on my return that needed fixing.  No biggie, I’ll just sit here and listen to their elevator music while I write this article, watching the firework plumes get bigger as we see that IRS’ scrutinizing of right-wing groups has been pretty extensive..

And then, there is this story where IRS not only was beating up conservative groups who criticize the government, but also, someone on the inside leaking the National Organization for Marriage’s confidential donor information, specifically, that Mitt Romney’s PAC had donated to NOM.

Churches for years have had this “gag order” where their tax-exempt status would be threatened if they spoke anything remotely political from their pulpits.  Now my church has three words for them: bring it on.  There’s a growing sentiment that if a church actually gets it’s tax exempt status pulled because of what it preaches, that it will trigger a First Amendment lawsuit under the free exercise clause.

And then, there’s the insanity that’s coming with respect to ObamaCare(less).  Turns out, with next year’s return, there will be an additional form – a form that will require the taxpayer to submit information about their Qualifying Health Plan, to ensure that we’re all complying like good little drones.  That’s going to really increase the nightmare

Is all this at all surprising?  Not really.  This is the kind of strong-arm political machinery that has Chicago written all over it – and namely Obama.  This is the way that Obama knows to do politics and is the Chicago way.  Or do we all think Rahm Emanuel is such a great and up-standing guy?

Well, an hour later and the call just wrapped up, so I will stop writing.  The lady asked graciously thanked me for my patience and asked if there is anything more she could do for me.  My response, “No, ma’am – I think y’all have plenty of other business and other customers to get to.”

Stay Rabid my Friends..


Written by The Rabid Conservative

May 13, 2013 at 8:45 am

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