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Rabid Rant: Leave Fat People Alone

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The other day, on my way home from work, I was listening to a guest host for the Tom Sullivan show and while I only heard a little bit of the discussion, I did hear this:

What can we do to combat obesity in America?

Now, without all the context, it really did make me think – and from a Rabid Conservative perspective

Why don’t we just leave fat people alone and let them live their own lives?

Conservatives today are on the message of less interference in people’s lives, particularly by the government.  So to be consistent, I asked the question, “Why do anything about obesity at all?  Why do we have to do anything? Since when did it become a priority?

What, since Michelle Obama makes it a priority to take the cookie bags out of the schools and replace it with carrot sticks, because SHE feels people need to eat better?  Since when does Michelle Obama get the right to judge?

What, since Michael Bloomberg decides that it isn’t right that a person can buy a soft drink bigger than 16 ounces, so he outlaws it by legislative and executive fiat, as if he is an arbiter on health?

The way I see it, it’s these people who are hell-bent on “combatting obesity” that have the problem with it. The person who is obese may have the issues with self-image, physical health – or they may not! I personally know a number of obese people who love who they are and being “large and in charge”.

Anyone hear of Gabriel Iglesias?

Obese people, like everyone else, rise and fall by their decisions. If they choose to not eat healthy, not exercise, and not control their weight, then they have to live with the consequences of that. But this entire thing is built around emotionalism and a dislike for fat people.

Society today is really to blame for this – by telling people that if they don’t conform to an “ideal weight”. that aren’t “acceptable”. Our entire media and social culture is crafted to promote this – for the sole purpose of making money. Rather than the message of acceptance, society makes fun of derision (cases in point, American Idol, The Voice, and reality shows). All of this noise is carefully crafted to guilt people into changing into something that is more agreeable with the faceless “society”.

So what do we do about obesity in this country? Nothing on a national scale. We need to stop with all of this “war on obesity” stuff and encourage personal responsibility. The government can no sooner even aid in combatting obesity than it can to change the climate (as if so-called global warming even exists). The government does nothing particuarly useful but consume resources and argue with itself about who gets what tax dollars that are ladled out on the population.

Conservatives need not fall into that emotional trap either. Mind your own business and leave fat people alone. It’s not for us to judge, so it’s not for us to fix.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

May 31, 2013 at 9:13 am

Posted in Political

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