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Obama Posts Known Liar as National Security Adviser

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It’s staggering how “in-your-face” that Obama gets these days, even in the midst of extreme scandal.  Susan Rice is a disgrace and should be excoriated for publicly lying to the American people.  Luckily, she didn’t get put in as Secretary of State (already bad enough with Lurch in there), but having her anywhere close makes me wonder why.

So today, That One appointed the former UN Ambassador Susan Rice to his Cabinet as the National Security Adviser, which is astounding because she admitted to lying when she went on several Sunday talk shows and indicated that what happened in Benghazi were as a result of some YouTube video and not a premeditated, coordinated attack.

And the Main Stream Media is just sweeping it under the rug.  Meh.  Remember all the hullabaloo that they raised about Chuck Hagel being appointed as SecDef – and he was a Republican (albeit a RINO, but still).  The MSM is going to be utterly silent.

Except ABC of course, who had this go out on the Wednesday edition of Good Morning America:

“Susan Rice, of course, as you mentioned was the one that went on the Sunday shows right after the attack in Benghazi and talked about it being something that came out of protests in Cairo, a very controversial set of Sunday show appearances.”

Controversial?  It was patently false!  Why doesn’t ABC say something about that?  Stupid Disney newscasting.

I guess it makes sense.  We have a liar for a President who is now appointing liars into his cabinet.  That’s not unheard of.  The sad part is that we are taking this lying clown and putting her in the role of advising security.  Yes she has a long list of credentials.  Yes her history is known.  But here’s the thing – she was totally wrong about Benghazi.  Did she truly know or didn’t she?

If she did not know that it was terrorism and actually believed it to be  reactionary, then she’s basically incompetent, because we all had this pegged from the beginning and her being on Sunday talk was an insult to the American collective intelligence.

If she did know and tried to sell the American public a bill of goods by passing it off as a YouTube video, then not only is she a liar, but she’s grossly arrogant as well.

Can we forgive?  Sure – when she asks for it.  But we can’t forget it – since we are talking about the security of the nation here.

A truly sad day for America indeed.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

June 5, 2013 at 11:04 am

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