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Do You Agree With Reagan Yet, Liberals?

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Government is not the solution to the problem; government IS the problem.

It’s really coming down to trust.  With That One chalking up losses almost as fast as the Miami Marlins this year, the whole question of government trust.  And right now, it’s not looking good.

But then, who out there actually trusts or really ever trusted the government for anything?  Seriously, how many water-cooler conversations ever had a participant that said, “I really love and trust the government and I’m glad for it”.

Now, I am a conservative with a little bit of libertarian peppered in and I do recognize that there is a need for some aspects of government.

  • State – We need a government to negotiate with foreign powers on behalf of the Union.
  • Treasury – We need a government to print a unified currency for the Several States (and not print so much of it that we dilute the economy).
  • Commerce – We need a government to regulate commerce between the states, not the overreaching aspects where abuses of power become so prevalent (healthcare anyone?)
  • Defense – We need a government to call up troops that will defend the Union from enemies, foreign and domestic.

Past these, we need no other government – it should be held to the states (9th and 10th Amendments).

The issue here is one of trust.  And the president who promised us

  • Benghazi – Who really knew what when.  And yes, it’s important.
  • IRS – Why did they target conservatives and what’s up with the opulent spending?
  • AP – Why can’t Eric Holder answer questions regarding the AP story that published a year ago that contradicted the White House’s claim that officials knew of no attacks planned on U.S. soil for the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death?
  • In-Your-Face Appointments of Susan Rice and Samantha Power: Why?  Seriously, why put a liar in as your national security adviser and a known Israel-hating socialist and Soros-ite as the UN Ambassador?  Are you purposely trying to distort foreign policy and help terrorists?
  • NSA Monitoring of Cell Traffic – Really?  This is transparency, Mr. Obama?
  • Secret E-Mail Accounts for Internal Communications – Oh, that’s really transparent.

Conservatives have always been about reducing dependency on the government because of the sheer number of abuses and potential for corruption.  It’s far too easy to watch as the government uses its faceless power to capture the destitute.

One might say the same about capitalism.  The thing is, I can work hard and gain a living and elevate my status in a capitalistic society – I’ve already done it.  With socialism, not so much – you’re at the wishes of the government and it all becomes about politics.

Politics, as a game, is played through flows of information.  With all the stifiling of information by the left, well, is it any wonder what’s going on?

So much for transparency, eh?


Written by The Rabid Conservative

June 11, 2013 at 12:58 pm

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