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Just What is Microsoft Thinking, Anyway?

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It’s been a while since I did any sort of tech posting here on The Rabid Conservative, but with all the hub-bub coming out of E3 relating to the advent of the new XBox One (or what I’ve come to call it, XBone – hat tip Flex). Anyway, after Sony has basically owned MS with the PS4, even before release, it’s making me wonder if Microsoft is even thinking about the future.

1) Starting off with the aforementioned XBone and the issues with it – it’s almost like XBone is doomed already:

  • Kinect is always big-brother watching and listening – this might be innocuous enough, but after the entire NSA thing, Kinect’s nosing around your life may be uncomfortable.
  • Trying to put Gamefly and GameStop out of business and then blaming the publishers for their draconian used game and 24-hour ET-phone-home policy is something that gamers will see right through.
  • Killing the ability to play 360 games on the new console…that’s a LOT of money to just sit there collecting dust.

2) Windows 8 (or as I call it, Windows Hate), just simply seems to be fizzling worse than Vista did.  This is nothing new, considering that the industry only really forgave MS once when changing the GUI interface from Program Manager to the Chicago style with the start button that has been long duplicated across multiple platforms.  However, now I must wonder if, by ramming the idea of the Metro interface into the PC market without offering the Chicago interface as an alternative, that the industry has pretty much going to be unforgiving. One might consider this with the mild backoff with Windows 8.1 that is going to give users back the  Start button. And as an extra swipe, I literally cannot stand Microsoft’s new look and design.  It’s so flat, so unremarkable, it’s like a first year web design student made it.  I like depth and with simple coding structures using CSS3 and JavaScript, it’s very easy to do.

3) Microsoft’s poor showing into the tablet market has made their attempts at making the Surface something that people would want over Android-based tablets and Apple iStuff almost laughable.  Maybe they’ll wise up like HP did, firesale out all of their tablets and realize that by giving Office for free on tablets isn’t going to compel the market into their software subscription model.

These days, Microsoft just isn’t the company it once was.  It’s dominance is slipping away each time it attempts to move the market into its corner (of does anyone believe that the market share for Internet Explorer at 12.6% an accident?).  The way I see it right now, Xbone is going to backfire, Windows 8 isn’t going to do any better than Vista did, facilitating the onset of Android-powered notebooks and set-top boxes, and Windows Phone and Surface tablets are going to really just be a one-off.

If Microsoft doesn’t start listening to its customers, they’ll go where Apple nearly went.  When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in ’96, it was on the brink of disaster because it failed to innovate.  What Microsoft is doing is not innovation.  Apple mastered the art of creating things that people find they can’t live without.  Microsoft hasn’t quite got there yet.

I guess I can’t blame them for trying, since this is what they’ve done all along.  But still – I don’t see the community going Microsoft’s way this time.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

June 15, 2013 at 11:46 am

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