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Stupid School Censorship Nonsense

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I am really tired of the US public education system these days.  What was once a great institution for educating our youth has been systematically poisoned by liberals and teacher unions.  And like their incessant need to drag businesses down to the point where they cannot actually do business, based on their entitlement groanings, they have already ruined the public school system with their nonsense.

I am so glad we can home school our kids.

So today, I read a stirring article of how an 8th grader’s choice in attire has made him, literally, a criminal.  Jared Marcum got sent to the office at Logan Middle School, Logan, WV by the old bat lunch lady:

over wearing this shirt:

Now young Jared refused, so they brought in:

Who then put Jared in these:

Put him in front of this guy:

Where he might have to pay:

And or spend a year:\

While the rest of us in the country say:

This matter isn’t about a t-shirt.  It’s about a few bruised egos of a school official, a police officer, and a judge who will not allow some young punk to stand up to the system.   Beginning with a grossly bitter (and probably liberal) cafeteria worker’s dislike for the NRA,  He decides to make a statement in a way that isn’t vulgar, offensive, or anything, but yet, because the lunch lady can’t handle it and the cop can’t handle his defiance, the kid is now a criminal.

Now it’s funny because back in April 2012, the ACLU strangely argued a case for a kid wearing this:

The way I see it, I bet this kid would get student of the year if he wore this:



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June 18, 2013 at 10:45 am

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