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First Opulence – The Dog Gets a Plane

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I have commented a number of times regarding the Obama’s sheer amount of obscene opulence.  From all the lavish vacations taken by Michelle Obama, to separate vacations and the separate travelling, now, we hit a new low.

Bo, the Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog is getting his own plane – an MV-22 Osprey.  He’ll have to share it with a bag full of basketballs and some luggage, but still.

And as I said before, I don’t mind the President taking a vacation once in a while, perhaps one day, I’ll get to take one before I keel over.  But this guy and his family takes more vacations than anyone I know or know of.

The thing is, with respect to the sequester, the White House is still closed, yet he does stuff like this.  How much is it going to cost to fly these two Ospreys up to Martha’s Vineyard?  How much is it going to be to house the Secret Service, staffers, and the entourage following?

It was said the Obama’s had to downsize to a 5,400 square foot, $7M place for their vacation.  Cry me a river.

Enjoy your time off, Mr. President.  Hope Bo has a nice flight.  We’re paying for it – some of us, barely.




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August 12, 2013 at 7:34 am

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