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Trespassers Deface 9/11 Memorial

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Can anyone identify the two in the picture?  The way I see it, they should be brought up on charges of theft and trespassing. They had no right to do what they did.

Hat Tip: Middlebury Campus

Five protesters showed up at the Mead Memorial Chapel on the Middlebury Campus in Vermont to remove 2,977 flags that were planted by the students.  Even further, this was a cooperative effort between the campus Republican and Democrat groups – a truly bipartisan effort.

Two of them were identified by name because they went on the record, claiming responsibility, “Amanda Lickers” (lol) and “Anna Shireman-Grabowski”.  Anna Shireman-Grabowski is a junior student there (hopefully not for much longer). Looks like Lickers (i still can’t stop laffin’) is an outspoken America-hating liberal quack and was invited there to do a workshop.

The way I see it, no person has the right to infringe on another’s right to free speech and certainly no one has the right to trespass and steal. These five were not even students – so I hope that the college finds them and prosecutes them on behalf of their students who took the time to place these flags.

The protesters felt that since that ground as sacred burial ground of the Abenaki people (a fact that has not been substantiated with any sort of official fact from either the college or the Abenaki), they took it upon themselves to ‘confiscate’ the flags as an outcry to ‘American imperialism.  Thing is, they KNEW what they were doing was illegal because they did it in haste, saying that ‘nothing was allowed to penetrate the earth of the burial ground’.

Did they not see the lamp post not ten feet from where they are stealing the flags? Seems a little inconsistent to me – but then, I guess they have to live with a lamp post poking the ground.

I’m glad to see that the student body returned to replace the flags in a unified effort.

Now, all that remains is to prosecute the miscreants for trespassing, theft (probably felony theft), and, depending on what they did with the flags, desecration under 18 USC § 700.

Lickers…I’m STILL laughing… (I’m so wrong…haha)


Written by The Rabid Conservative

September 13, 2013 at 12:30 pm

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