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The Advent of American Socialism

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Well yesterday saw the advent of America’s Socialist Health System. And of course, we saw the widespread problems with all the heathcare IT solutions that were supposed to make everything sunshine and rainbows. But all of this didn’t sort the 800lb. gorilla problem.

Why are we letting Obama get away with lying to the American public?

Yes, indeed, because, in the interest of adding people to the world of insurance (most of them Democrats – thus securing more votes for the liberal side) we’ve sold out more liberty for entitlement.

So, out of perverse curiosity, I checked out the Exchange to see what programs were out there. I plugged in my family and found the cheapest product was $722.65 for a $5000/$10000 deductable HMO/Bronze plan. Obamacare’s idea was that it was only supposed to cost 8% of my salary. Well, using those fifth grade math skills (or Windows Calculator), we find that I would have to make $108,400 per year for this to be what the government considers “affordable”.

I don’t make $108,400 per year – not even close.

So, at least the IRS penalty won’t apply to me, not that I would pay it anyway, since I plan to calibrate my taxes so I never get a return (planned to do that anyway – I can spend my money much more wisely than the government can. And since the IRS has it out for conservatives anyway – well, screw them and the horse they rode in on. No one ever liked tax collectors anyway.

ObamaCare is total crap. There’s nothing affordable about it because , while the Exchanges are, theoretically, a good idea, the problem stems from all the mandated coverage increases.  By imposing all the new coverage changes, insurance companies have raised their rates – because they aren’t going to accept that kind of financial risk.  We can, by law, say “no pre-existing conditions”, but we can’t force insurance companies to give that product out for free. In the end, we have to pay for that.

So the government will extort money from the American public by taking additional tax revenue from the public to pay for a product that, more and more polls have shown, that the public doesn’t want.

And today, we’re feeling the pinch for real. This is what we get for not actually READING the bill, Nancy Pelosi. Stupid.

Obamacare has done nothing that the president himself promised and, for the first time in my life, I am withOUT affordable health care, and being forced to pay for health coverage for some “socialism-loving taker” out there who feels entitled to health coverage, that I don’t know – and truly don’t have much care for.

I have my own family’s interests to consider. Call me selfish if you want, but really, I don’t see the “takers” caring that much for mine and my family’s interests.

Bastards all. This isn’t what America was supposed to be.

Lord Jesus, come quickly – for those of us who crave freedom have no where else to go.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

October 2, 2013 at 9:41 am

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