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Government Shutdown and the Blessings of Liberty

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If you want to surrender your liberty for entitlement, be my guest. But don’t expect my compliance when you demand that I surrender my liberty for your entitlement.

Well, we’re three days now into the latest government shutdown and we’re seeing and hearing a lot about what’s going on.

It’s pretty sad when ObamAd, Inc. is wanting people who have sob stories of the shutdown to weigh in – so they can put a face on all the ‘victims’ of ‘republican obstructionism’. Of course, republicans weren’t the ones who said, “no compromise” – that was the President.

Republicans have offered different compromise ideas, however the Democrats keep swatting them down. Either they get their precious socialist healthcare money or they won’t play. So they own this shutdown, just like Dennis Kucinich tried to get Democrats to do back in 2007 to end the Iraq war.

The thing is, this government shutdown has shown me a few things that are very relevant to the equation:

1) The Founders designed the government so that it would be very difficult to change the laws and affect real change. They were very much advocates of a 2/3’s rule – get at least 2/3’s of the people to agree with you in order to move things forward. This would prevent rule changes as majority crossed back and forth over the 50% mark. In other words, not make government capricious.

2) It’s amazing the daunting amount of tendrils that are revealed when they suddenly aren’t there. The government spigot feeds so many people that it’s almost beyond imagination to see how pervasive it is. This is the reason why we on the right believe in limited government – because in the absence of government, the people aren’t left high and dry.

3) Governments work when the people compromise. I don’t like the Affordable Care Act any more than the next red blooded conservative, but the Founders believed

4) Liberty and freedom have their costs, both extrinsic and intrinsic. Intrinsically, liberty’s cost is that of security. The more free you are, the more it’s difficult to preserve security. This is why the TSA is so intrusive into everything at the airport – your luggage, your personal effects, your clothing. But they do it because of “security reasons”.

But security also comes through entitlement – a person can be financially secure if they are getting entitlements. Now it should be up to each person if they want to sacrifice their liberty for entitlements and security. Where we on the right get angry is when we’re required to surrender without choice our liberty for the security and entitlement of others. And when we raise the point, we’re labeled as “selfish”.

Liberty is a precious gift from the millions of servicemen and women who have bled and died for our freedom, freedom for us to do as we will, not just so we would have a little more entitlement.

Do I feel bad for those who are furloughed as a result of the shutdown? Well, I guess, but then, being in the private sector myself and basically subject to being laid off at any time, well, I guess it comes with the territory. But then, I also believe it’s time we do some real soul searching as to just how much we really need the government’s continual intrusion in our lives.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

October 4, 2013 at 10:00 pm

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