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Stupid Human-Animals on Black Friday

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Y’know folks, I don’t see what the hype over Black Friday is supposed to achieve.  I keep hearing the ads on the radio and TV about all those Black Friday deals, mingled in with talk about the stores that were open on Thanksgiving Day.

This has got to be the great contradiction of America. On the last Thursday of November, we’re supposed to come together with family and friends and take a day to reflect on all the things for which we are thankful. And really, it’s supposed to be being thankful to God for His wondrous bounty. And then, on the VERY NEXT DAY, we’re supposed to turn all of that off and venture out into the world like mesmerized drones to buy the very latest in Chinese-made junk.

Today, I am sitting comfortably in my chair, with a nice hot cup of French-pressed Arabica coffee, watching my wife play XCOM: Enemy Within, and enjoying one of the very few days off that I get in the year (even though I do have schoolwork to grade today). Meanwhile, thousands of people, ungrateful, not thankful, filled with thoughts of entitlement by what Big Corporate America owes them.

So in this clip, we see a Wal-Mart, full of people with two very stupid women fighting over a TV.  And when I say stupid, I don’t mean “derp” stupid, but I mean the form of stupid that barely separates them from apes.  Total animals, these people are, fighting over things like two chimpanzees fighting over some fruit in a jungle somewhere.

I’m not even sorry for what I’m saying.  People that participate in this nonsense are total fools…and probably vote Democrat.  The represent everything that is wrong in our country today. They are total animals.


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November 29, 2013 at 11:07 am

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Interventions for ObamaCare Holdouts

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I keep the radio on at night to help me sleep; I don’t do so good in silence. And sometimes, I hear what’s on the radio, even if I have already sailed off to Neverland. It’s weird listening to political radio when asleep, but it’s sometimes amusing.

So I heard the guys on RedEye talking about a somewhat funny commercial about inviting your family members over for Thanksgiving to talk about not having health coverage.

I thought it was a bad dream, so I looked it up and lo, and behold. An article from USA Today talks about it.

In other words, the idiots at Organizing for Action want the ObamaDrones to start doing what basically amount to interventions. So, if you’re an ObamaCare holdout, or like me, opting out of the whole thing and giving the IRS the big middle finger, beware, because now you might get pulled into your front room and have an intervention done.

I can see the sight, weeping parents crying, “how could you, son, go without health coverage” with the liberal choruses trying to guilt us all into it by using those arguments like, “we’ll have to pay for your coverage”. But this entire effort is designed to try to fan the grassroots to get more people to start giving themselves over to ObamaCare.

Well, I’m not going. ObamaCare can go spit and all supporters can take a long walk off of a short pier. I like my liberty too much to give it away for someone else’s entitlement.

And to the fathead who came up with the idea, go ruin someone else’s Thanksgiving. I’m too busy watching football then to discuss failed socialist legislation.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

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November 27, 2013 at 1:14 pm

The More I Listen to Democrats…

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…the more I hear the sound of muskets, firing in the distance.

Sometimes, I wish I just didn’t give a care about what the Democrats did, said, and how the whole lot of them are screwing up our Republic. Sometimes I wish I had a nickel for every time I got angry because of something that Reid, Obama, or Pelosi said or how they abuse their power by railroading Congress further and further out of control while the president pushes laws outside of his constitutional allowance.

Problem is, I care too much. I care because my kids are going to grow up in a country where socialism’s tendrils begin to infiltrate the very fabric of our country. I see how the Democrats keep ram-rodding laws down our throat and then reneging on those laws because they aren’t liking the political effect. I see how Democrats are trying to manipulate the law to shove more of their progressive nonsense down our throats, to the point where I just want to throw up on them.

And then I hear shots go off.

Maybe I’m going insane. Maybe I’ve been watching movies like The Patriot too many times and wondering how long it would take the Founding Fathers before they would march into the Capitol and pull these crooks out in irons.  How hard would Debbie Wasserman Schultz get slapped for her stupidity if she were faced with the likes of Betsy RossMargaret Corbin, or Sybil Ludington. And how low would President Obama slink down when standing in the face of great presidential figures like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, who would tell him, “Son, you are the kind of person we wrote a constitution to prevent from taking power”.

And then another shot goes off.

I’m not ready for another revolution, at least with arms just yet, but how long are we going to sit here before the eaters, those mindless drones who are connected to the government teat while liberals gleefully giggle and control the rate of flow at the entitlement spigot? How long before

Why am I a conservative? Because I believe in conserving our liberty, our freedoms, and our republic. These are not things to spend on entitlements, but rather, things to be protected from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Perhaps until the shots start going off because the people are growing tired of tyranny and treason from the people who are elected to be in office.

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November 22, 2013 at 1:46 pm

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PBJ – The Food of White People

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This racist crap has got to stop, especially from people who are supposed to be educated and educators.  The way I see it, racists find racism in everything they see.

Take Dr. Verenice Gutierrez ( – if you want to mail her and tell her what you think; I recommend it) a principal at Portland’s Harvey Scott K-8 School.  The Bad Doctor basically says, that the PBJ, the staple of millions of kids for lunch – and one of America’s top comfort foods, calls it a sign of white privilege. You can read more of her nonsense here.

Give me a break. Unless they REALLY like it, the PBJ is not exactly something that is heavily consumed by the wealthy. It was something that kids could easily make for themselves during the Latch-Key generation (in other words, people my age – and I wasn’t “privileged”).

While peanut butter was considered a delicacy in the early 1900’s, by the time WWII came around, it was part of the US soldier ration list. It wasn’t exactly the well-to-do that came up with the PBJ. (Read the article)

I get sick and tired of these race pimps and posers out there who think they are smarter than the rest of us – but in the end, only make themselves look like total idiots by coming up with this drivel.  Gutierrez’ comment does nothing to help an already liberal heavy school district gain some sense of reality and common sense.

Just for that, I think I am going to eat a bunch of PBJ’s this weekend and at each time, tweet that I did. You can follow it @rabidrightway. Too bad that Verenice is too smart-stupid to have a Twitter account, otherwise, I’d make sure to let her know.  I sense a trend opportunity here.

When a person looks at a PBJ, I can’t control whether that person thinks it’s a symbol of racism, white privilege, or a symbol of hunger destruction. Either way, that’s not its history. So rather than deal in what people “think”, how about this educator deals with the “facts”.

I guess it’s because the bread is white, right Verenice?  Moron.

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November 21, 2013 at 7:49 pm

I Can’t Do My Chores – It’s the Sabbath Day

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Saturdays are not a day of rest for me.  This quarter, I am teaching a college course, so I’m in the classroom from 9am until 2pm. It’s part of how I’m trying to keep my head above water, financially.  So, I don’t get a lot in the line of time off.  I work pretty much from 8am to 11pm, three nights out of four.  It’s not easy for me, most days.

Meanwhile, this morning, my son, Richard, decided that he was not able to do his chores today. Most weeks, we do our chores on Saturday, cleaning up ahead of our friends coming over for gaming, as well as catch up on the week’s regular labors.  But this morning, he came to his mother in a very serious attitude.

Richard: I have a very good reason why I’m not able to do my chores today.

Mom: Oh, why is that?

Richard: Because, Mom, it’s the Sabbath Day.

Now, I’m a Christian and my family is, as best as I am able to claim, a Christian home. We don’t have especially against Jews or Judaism in any shape or form – I have great respect for Israel and the traditions of God’s Chosen People. I, myself, have never espoused those beliefs for my own life, nor have led my family in that way. But when my son decided that he wanted to claim that mantle as a way of excusing himself from “servile work”, I think he didn’t realize the entire situation into which he was getting.

He probably heard about the Sabbath from when Mom was teaching it during school, as part of their Bible studies.

Mom: Well, son, since it would not be right to make you work on the Sabbath Day, we want you to stay in your room, rest, meditate, and spend the time in prayer.

Of course, since my son is going to walk the Jewish path today, there are also some things that he will have to consider as part of his exposure into Jewish life. And part of that is eating kosher.

Since we don’t want him walking around too much, since the Sabbath has strict restrictions in that regard, Mom delivered a peanut butter sandwich to his room for lunch. He’s alright with those, but he has things that are his favorite, which now, some are not lawful for him. So, let’s go through some of his favorite fare.

  • Cheeseburgers – Nope. It’s not lawful to seethe the kid in his mother’s milk. Because of that, Jews can’t have beef and cheese together.  Hamburger with ketchup and mustard, but hold the cheddar.
  • Pizza Rolls – Nope. Pepperoni is not kosher. Not even a stretch, considering it also has meat and cheese together.
  • Hot Dogs – We don’t have them anyway, but unless they are Hebrew National, nope. Not kosher either – as they say, “No Ifs, Ands, or Butts”
  • Soda – Nope. High fructose corn syrup is not kosher. And I haven’t seen kosher soda in the grocery store lately.
  • Lemonade – Country Time powder mix…yep. It’s got a Circle K symbol. It’s cool.

So, we have a few hours yet before sundown and the end of Shabbat when he will then get to experience what six days of servile work are.  My friend Jan, a Messianic Jew, even offered up a Kippah for him to wear.  I suppose we can get him a nice red one. But I think, at the end of this exercise, he will understand that he doesn’t just get to pick and choose what is convenient when espousing a religious system of belief.

Not to mention that one of the Ten Commandments is “Honor your Father and Mother”.

Shabbat shalom, son.

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November 9, 2013 at 3:26 pm

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