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I Can’t Do My Chores – It’s the Sabbath Day

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Saturdays are not a day of rest for me.  This quarter, I am teaching a college course, so I’m in the classroom from 9am until 2pm. It’s part of how I’m trying to keep my head above water, financially.  So, I don’t get a lot in the line of time off.  I work pretty much from 8am to 11pm, three nights out of four.  It’s not easy for me, most days.

Meanwhile, this morning, my son, Richard, decided that he was not able to do his chores today. Most weeks, we do our chores on Saturday, cleaning up ahead of our friends coming over for gaming, as well as catch up on the week’s regular labors.  But this morning, he came to his mother in a very serious attitude.

Richard: I have a very good reason why I’m not able to do my chores today.

Mom: Oh, why is that?

Richard: Because, Mom, it’s the Sabbath Day.

Now, I’m a Christian and my family is, as best as I am able to claim, a Christian home. We don’t have especially against Jews or Judaism in any shape or form – I have great respect for Israel and the traditions of God’s Chosen People. I, myself, have never espoused those beliefs for my own life, nor have led my family in that way. But when my son decided that he wanted to claim that mantle as a way of excusing himself from “servile work”, I think he didn’t realize the entire situation into which he was getting.

He probably heard about the Sabbath from when Mom was teaching it during school, as part of their Bible studies.

Mom: Well, son, since it would not be right to make you work on the Sabbath Day, we want you to stay in your room, rest, meditate, and spend the time in prayer.

Of course, since my son is going to walk the Jewish path today, there are also some things that he will have to consider as part of his exposure into Jewish life. And part of that is eating kosher.

Since we don’t want him walking around too much, since the Sabbath has strict restrictions in that regard, Mom delivered a peanut butter sandwich to his room for lunch. He’s alright with those, but he has things that are his favorite, which now, some are not lawful for him. So, let’s go through some of his favorite fare.

  • Cheeseburgers – Nope. It’s not lawful to seethe the kid in his mother’s milk. Because of that, Jews can’t have beef and cheese together.  Hamburger with ketchup and mustard, but hold the cheddar.
  • Pizza Rolls – Nope. Pepperoni is not kosher. Not even a stretch, considering it also has meat and cheese together.
  • Hot Dogs – We don’t have them anyway, but unless they are Hebrew National, nope. Not kosher either – as they say, “No Ifs, Ands, or Butts”
  • Soda – Nope. High fructose corn syrup is not kosher. And I haven’t seen kosher soda in the grocery store lately.
  • Lemonade – Country Time powder mix…yep. It’s got a Circle K symbol. It’s cool.

So, we have a few hours yet before sundown and the end of Shabbat when he will then get to experience what six days of servile work are.  My friend Jan, a Messianic Jew, even offered up a Kippah for him to wear.  I suppose we can get him a nice red one. But I think, at the end of this exercise, he will understand that he doesn’t just get to pick and choose what is convenient when espousing a religious system of belief.

Not to mention that one of the Ten Commandments is “Honor your Father and Mother”.

Shabbat shalom, son.


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November 9, 2013 at 3:26 pm

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