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Interventions for ObamaCare Holdouts

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I keep the radio on at night to help me sleep; I don’t do so good in silence. And sometimes, I hear what’s on the radio, even if I have already sailed off to Neverland. It’s weird listening to political radio when asleep, but it’s sometimes amusing.

So I heard the guys on RedEye talking about a somewhat funny commercial about inviting your family members over for Thanksgiving to talk about not having health coverage.

I thought it was a bad dream, so I looked it up and lo, and behold. An article from USA Today talks about it.

In other words, the idiots at Organizing for Action want the ObamaDrones to start doing what basically amount to interventions. So, if you’re an ObamaCare holdout, or like me, opting out of the whole thing and giving the IRS the big middle finger, beware, because now you might get pulled into your front room and have an intervention done.

I can see the sight, weeping parents crying, “how could you, son, go without health coverage” with the liberal choruses trying to guilt us all into it by using those arguments like, “we’ll have to pay for your coverage”. But this entire effort is designed to try to fan the grassroots to get more people to start giving themselves over to ObamaCare.

Well, I’m not going. ObamaCare can go spit and all supporters can take a long walk off of a short pier. I like my liberty too much to give it away for someone else’s entitlement.

And to the fathead who came up with the idea, go ruin someone else’s Thanksgiving. I’m too busy watching football then to discuss failed socialist legislation.

Happy Thanksgiving all.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 27, 2013 at 1:14 pm

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