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Stupid Human-Animals on Black Friday

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Y’know folks, I don’t see what the hype over Black Friday is supposed to achieve.  I keep hearing the ads on the radio and TV about all those Black Friday deals, mingled in with talk about the stores that were open on Thanksgiving Day.

This has got to be the great contradiction of America. On the last Thursday of November, we’re supposed to come together with family and friends and take a day to reflect on all the things for which we are thankful. And really, it’s supposed to be being thankful to God for His wondrous bounty. And then, on the VERY NEXT DAY, we’re supposed to turn all of that off and venture out into the world like mesmerized drones to buy the very latest in Chinese-made junk.

Today, I am sitting comfortably in my chair, with a nice hot cup of French-pressed Arabica coffee, watching my wife play XCOM: Enemy Within, and enjoying one of the very few days off that I get in the year (even though I do have schoolwork to grade today). Meanwhile, thousands of people, ungrateful, not thankful, filled with thoughts of entitlement by what Big Corporate America owes them.

So in this clip, we see a Wal-Mart, full of people with two very stupid women fighting over a TV.  And when I say stupid, I don’t mean “derp” stupid, but I mean the form of stupid that barely separates them from apes.  Total animals, these people are, fighting over things like two chimpanzees fighting over some fruit in a jungle somewhere.

I’m not even sorry for what I’m saying.  People that participate in this nonsense are total fools…and probably vote Democrat.  The represent everything that is wrong in our country today. They are total animals.


Written by The Rabid Conservative

November 29, 2013 at 11:07 am

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