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Oh, Now It’s Time to Talk Regulation on the Media?

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I’ve not written much for TRC lately, mostly due to being short on the time to actually write something of interest. But today, I want to address this Washington Examiner article regarding establishing regulation against the media because of the rising tide of right wing and conservative media.

1) First, once again, we see that while Congress isn’t making any laws about freedom of the press, we see that the Executive Branch is talking about “regulation” – which effectively carries the same end result – putting the kibosh on news outlets putting out articles that might be considered by someone else to being inappropriate for the news. (not that other sites like HuffPo, Kos, and the like aren’t slanted??) 

“The right has begun to break the left’s media monopoly, particularly through new media outlets like the internet, and I sense that some on the left are starting to rethink the breadth of the media exemption and internet communications,

2) Why is this suddenly an issue?  Seriously.  For over 15 years, the liberal media has dominated the airwaves – and they have enjoyed the fact that have been able to squelch out conservative view points. But as Federal Election Commission Chairman Lee E. Goodman has pointed out, the conservative media has grown in its size and influence and it shows when you see liberal media types griping, “we should have the ‘Fairness Doctrine'” which really means, we can’t allow these conservative types to promote their ideas without at least responding.  We see it when FoxNews continuously dominates the cable airwaves, pushing CNN and (P)MSNBC into the lower echelons of the ratings rankings. We watched as the very pointless Air America went silent in the wake of conservative talk radio.  And back then, no one even considered that the liberal media needed regulation to prevent it from talking about issues or promoting candidates. 

But now we need regulation – because the right wing news feeds are catching up and even overtaking their liberal counterparts?  And Drudge and Hannity need regulating because they are more popular and are able to influence the masses away from the liberal thought process? 

Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press – US Constitution, Amendment One

When we look at the First Amendment, it does point the finger at Congress as its subject. And since we’re dealing with rulemaking coming from the Executive branch, we trace those rulemaking abilities to powers that Congress can delegate to the Executive.  However, this also means then when the Executive makes a rule that carries the force of law, Congress is STILL responsible because they delegated powers to the Executive. 

We’ve seen this before when it comes to the Establishment Clause for religion. Whenever we see a school graduation where the valedictorian gives credit to Jesus Christ for his accomplishments and the ACLU begins going crazy, it stands to reason that delegated power is still OWNED by the Congress.  There is plenty of precedent on that.

So if the FEC wants to regulate media outlets and get them to self-censor in order to stop the discussion of issues or of positions of politicians/candidates, that is, transitively coming from Congress. The case can be made that its abridging the Freedom of the Press.

What do you think of all of this? 


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May 7, 2014 at 10:39 am

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