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Force Feeding School Lunch – For Profit

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Is this madness REALLY about healthier kids or is it only about money?

In the last day, I have been hit with a couple of articles relating to the madness going on in public schools surrounding school lunches. This isn’t anything new, since the left has a fetish with telling everyone what they should and shouldn’t eat, combatting the so-called problem of childhood obesity in school. But what I’ve seen here from these last couple articles is that liberals are doing a great job in covering up their lucrative greed in the guise of wanting healthier kids.


Low-Fat Turkey

High-Profit Cash

1) CEO of Hint Water Gripes that Big Soda Blocks Access to Schools (link)

I read this one on LinkedIn Pulse yesterday and I could only hear the bias and griping. Turns out, Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Water, was just “drawing attention” to the issue of schools being in bed with Big Soda – contracts with Big Soda that make it nearly impossible for anyone else to get into the schools.

She made the point to tell people to “Talk to your school and school associations like the PTA. Ask them to provide healthier beverages, and to scale back their partnerships with soda companies.” She claims she wasn’t arguing in favor of her company, which makes zero calorie/sugar/diet sweetener water (there’s a plug for you, lady), but seriously, even if you were blind, deaf, and dumb, you could still smell the bias coming off of this one.

So, would Ms. Goldin be so vocal about it if she didn’t have some major skin in the game? Is this really about healthy choices for kids or is this about the fact that she can’t break into the schools because of these contracts. But I am pretty certain that if the situation was reversed and Hint Water had a ten-year contract with a school, they wouldn’t raise a stink about it – even if a student decided that they wanted a frosty Coke, rather than a bottle of zero-stuff water after school. And why? Because she also griped about Dasani, which is owned by Coca-Cola.

I’m all about healthy choices – but they need to be choices made by kids and their parents, not one company or another, and even not the school administration.

I wonder, by the way, if Hint Water would be willing to start sponsoring student athletics or other extra-curricular activities the same way that PepsiCo and Coke do, particularly for cash-strapped schools that would like some financial help in districts where cash is tight (notwithstanding waste, etc etc…another day on that one).

2) AR School Notes Trash Cans Are Morbidly Obese (link)

The kids of Rogers High in Rogers, Arkansas are among the numerous schools throughout the country who are balking at Michelle O’s so-called Healthy Lunch program.

Among the audacity that we’ve seen, such as kids having their lunches confiscated or thrown away because they weren’t deemed “healthy” enough. So they serve up some nice healthy French Fries because potato still counts as a vegetable. Anyway, here are two things I picked up in the article:

In addition to changing the lunch menu to make it “healthier,” the school sends students back into the line if they fail to take the required fruits and vegetables mandated by the overhaul of the National School Lunch Program.

“When the kids eat the meal we get paid for it. When the kids don’t eat the meal we don’t get paid,” says Margie Bowers, food services director for Rogers Public Schools.

I don’t think the right word here is “eat”, but rather, “take”. If the kids take the apple and pitch it in the bin, the school still gets paid.  So can it be said that they really care about healthy choices or whether they get paid?  With the costs of food going up and students not interested in taking food, mostly because it, as the kids in rural Kentucky’s Harlan District refer to as “tasting like vomit”, the problem now is that if Rogers High is now sending kids BACK to the line to get more “healthier” food!

Anyone See A Similarity?

So let’s see – kids are being told they have to go back into the lunch line because they are aren’t taking healthier choices: They can’t have their Frito Pie and soda pop. I remember seeing a comment of one parent whose kid had to chuck a Chick-Fil-A sandwich. I would be livid – and then I’d go to jail.

Translate: Kids don’t take healthy choices = Kids not participating in the program = School not making sales

The healthy choices are losing in the hearts and minds of kids so liberals have to resort to more coercive methods to forward Moochelle’s Lunch agenda. Kids are strong-armed into “healthy choices” with which they or their parents may disagree. And when contracts lock out competition, would-be challengers appeal to the sentiments of the people because of the evil corporations like Big Soda, Big Snack Chip, or Big Candy Bar having vending contracts. They claim it’s about health. In reality, it’s about regulation and money.

Yet we tell them they shouldn’t have promiscuous or homosexual sex and smoke marijuana and yet we’re called bigoted and judgmental. But that’s for a later issue.

I’m really not sure how Michelle Obama even has the right to tell us what to do just because she’s the First Lady (sic). Yet, she continuously shows her hypocrisy with her opulence.  While Michelle attempts to lecture us about “healthy choices” her kids are treated to a much better fare (and I’m pretty sure none of it is low-sodium/low-fat and whole-grain). (Link)

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