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Goodbye, Marco

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Tonight’s results have changed the race. Again. And the establishment is not happy. Again.

But something I keep hearing from the anti-Trump is that a win for Trump is a win for Hillary. Are we so sure?

  • Trump wasn’t supposed to be a “real” candidate, but here he is, after tonight, running over 700 delegates. The GOP began blaming even before Iowa.
  • Jeb was “supposed” to be the nominee. The Establishment planned all that out. But he got stymied so early that it makes me wonder why he even thought he could win. Right to Rise blows a $100M wad of cash and Jeb’s campaign fizzles out like a dry-rotted balloon.
  • Every commentator out there on talk radio thinks they have all this figured out, and yet, it keeps going in the wrong direction (as far as the talking heads are concerned). They all continuously lose their mind over the fact that the election is not going as “conventional wisdom” would have it.
  • He upended “conventional wisdom” in Nevada, New Hampshire – over and over, people that don’t like Trump are supporting his campaign. It wasn’t believable then, it’s not acceptable now. Something tells me the anti-Trump types, the Establishment, and the naysayers will either become so deranged in their adversity towards Trump that they may actually do the unthinkable – stay home in November because they can’t bring themselves to vote for him.

    And then, Hillary Clinton will win.

And yet, the GOP leadership still doesn’t get it. The GOP groupies in the rank and file are crying and yelling, rending their clothes and screaming out to anyone who hear. They don’t get it. They think everyone who doesn’t vote for Cruz, Kasich, or Rubio as stupid, simpleminded, or traitorous.

So, in big bold letters, I will, yet again, explain why Rubio lost, why Jeb lost, why the GOP is losing to what is, basically a party hijack.


This isn’t about Trump, specifically. This is a very angry indictment against sellouts like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and now Paul Ryan who campaigned on strong conservative actions if they got into Congress, only to end up getting dolled up in fishnets and turning into the Democrats little tramp. The GOP has majorities in Congress, but they apathetically act like losers. The capitulate to the whims of the Democrat party and refuse to hold their ground when they’re holding the strings.

Still not endorsing anyone, but we all knew Marco was doomed tonight. He just couldn’t get up enough momentum to climb over Cruz, much less get to Trump.

But for all those whose pony walked off the field tonight, well, I really have to ask – what will you do now? Kasich is the last one in the race who’s basically Establishment. Will you throw in now behind Kasich and hope he can keep your anti-Trump dreams alive?

And tomorrow morning, who is Rubio going to support? Is he going to throw in behind Cruz, even though Rubio kept calling Cruz a flip-flopper who would “say anything to win the election.”

But I am waiting to hear the plans of how the GOP plans to wrest the nomination away from Trump and if that were to happen, what would that do to the election? In other words, completely invalidate all the primaries and turn this into back-room deals and negotiated nonsense that would ignore the Vox Populi.

Perhaps by brokering the convention – which was first brought up by Rubio – and now he’s gone.



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March 15, 2016 at 11:56 pm

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